Tuesday Evening yes it is


Salmon, new pots and broccoli for dinner, then waffles, strawberries and ice cream.

No exciting plans for later, but who knows what will crop up.

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Read this as ‘soldering’ and thought you’d got a new job.

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I was banned from using soldering irons in DT at school, cause I’d just be like “… put the hot pen on everything”


Made some potato curry and tbh I wish I’d just gone to MaccyDs

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Is this a statement?

Pls don’t make this a dis meme


Don’t have an aerial, so can only get BBC channels and can’t Chromecast live TV from All4 app

Do you wish you had a sore throat?

the fuckhouse does what he wants


Should probably go for a walk but…


(Coughing Wildly, But Anus Feels Tight)


I’ve just absolutely lost it at the contrast between Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding talking about recording with Hendrix here

Fuck sake Noel you miserable cunt!

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I don’t, tbh. Wouldn’t mind Joke smashing my back doors in though. We could put the video on DiS Premium or your Onlyfans and make like bare nuff cash n that for Sean


Can I watch

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God what is WRONG with me today

You’re lighting director

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My wife has got a sore throat. You monster.


Make an appointment and he’ll pop it in his Filofax :wink:

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I don’t make anything I’m afraid, it’s in the hands of the DiS tastemakers now.