Tuesday evening

what ya doin?

got nowt to do in the slightest. any suggestions?

I’m really deflated about my music. I want a beer but I have to get thin

What’s up with yer music Bam?

it’s just shit but never mind

Still at work

Went to the laundry room in my apartment block to book some time in and it was already my time slot! Past me did present me a solid.

That’s pretty much how boring my evening is gonna be I think. That’s fine tho cos I’m so tired.

Hmmm your stuff is always top notch ma man :+1:

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Evening team,

Off to see headshot at the GFT later :slight_smile:

thanks but I think i’ve lost it

Going to play football. Last time I played I did my back in srs and had to go to as osteopath. It’s been fine since then but feels a bit edgy apro po of nothing so I’ll probably be a ctipple again tomorow

I think every project has a phase where you think “this is shit, I’m so far from completing it, it’ll never work”. Keep plugging away :slight_smile:


Have ye fuck

I’m gonna read I think. Might walk to the shop later to get some black pepper and nice beers. Probably won’t be arsed though.

thanks, hopefully you are right :slight_smile:

thanks x

Fucking /#headsgone here. Been staring at a screen all day but just cannot write. Going to go for a walk to try and clear the cobwebs. Hope it doesn’t piss down while I do it. Might sit up here with a stubbie and think for a bit. Just imagine that it’s dark in that picture.


Evening all

Just had a cheese sandwich and a yogurt. Listening to Try Segall
Off out on my regular Tuesday night mountain bike ride soon. I’ve not been on it for weeks, but this week I definitely have no excuse to bail.

Fast work from @wizardlizard

Trying to decide what to have for tea. Been shopping and bought loads of veg so should probably have stew or stir fry. But really can’t be arsed peeling or chopping.

Just finished Go Set a Watchman, only started yesterday morning so quite happy with that going. Pretty good but hated the last bit with the Uncle and all that acceptance stuff

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I’m making a bastardised chana masala. i’ll probably play a bit of ocarina of time (finished the water dungeon last night). dunno what else.

I am also eating dorritos. exciting stuff

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Just finished rpm and I’m now about to delve into the body balance realm!