Tuesday evening

I chopped a chili earlier and since then I have:

  • scratched my balls (searing pain)
  • rubbed my eye (idiot)
  • scratched inside my ear (ouch)

How is your evening?

i chopped chillies earlier but remembered to wash my hands before i did anything #smart

Don’t rub it in!

(should have followed my own advice)


I did not chop any chilli today.

I think my favourite one of these mishaps is picking your nose
Just a mild enough pain to laugh at yourself

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bought some bullshit from the shop but feeling too guilty to eat any of it.

I’m 1700 calories below my target today that’s awesome and I don’t want to ruin it!

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Enjoyed a lovely sunset this evening. Got a 7 odd hour train ride to Zagreb tomorrow.

Got the constant dread about the amount of work I’ve got to do, it’s ridiculous. Haven’t properly read/opened my emails for the last 5 days or so.

Quite down about several things at the moment.

evening everyone

i’m going to try to do a poll.

is this weird/gross? i found it a bit icky but then i am more concerned about germs than most to put it lightly. at work there is a sink that is always a bit blocked and drains quite slowly. yesterday i saw someone washing her hands in the water that had filled up in the sink, instead of under the running water. given that this is a sink in an office toilet not in the person’s own home, is it:

  • weird and/or gross
  • not weird or gross

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I’ve got a case of the eponymouses.


really not that gross if they’ve just filled the water themselves. Think of all the gunk and shit that must be in the pipes/tap anyway, you should basically never wash your hands just in case!

Evening! I was thinking “I ca n’t st art an evening thread: it’s too late!” But then it’s happened

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This is a horrible feeling, sorry to hear you’re suffering. I am terribly avoidant too and it does nothing except make things worse. I know that’s probably no help, but if you can see it then hopefully you can challenge it. I know it takes a massive effort of will, but it is the right thing to do. Very few things are as bad when you meet them head on than they seem when you’re ducking them. Hope things start looking up for you v soon.

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stupidsexyflanders don’t give a fuck!


The worst kind of mouse

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Never thought i’d say this but: I regret how much ice cream I just ate


shucks and shiggles you could be a really adorable depressed children’s tv double act <3


what ice cream? (no you don’t)

We’ve got the name, but the format sucks!