Tuesday evening


We’ve got the name, but the format sucks!


watching meet the goldbergs, think tim burtons batman is pushing the 80’s nostalgia premise. eating a pistachio choc ice


Just been for a great curry. Stuffed.

Other people are annoying me. Think Sartre was right.


you’re both really down but then through comic mishaps you learn that things will work out. I’m sorry to be trivialising your problems, I’m just feeling playful this evening


damn straight. I’m an hour ahead as well!


Vanilla with Oreos. I now feel sick.


what kind of exotic paradise are you posting from?


No Masterchef

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Don’t think I’ve ever eaten an Oreo, those are the black chocolate biscuit custard creme things right?


I don’t know! I’ve got visions of getting a whole load of kids in the studio audience belting out “NEEEVER HAAAAD TO KNOCK ON WOOD” :smiley: and occasionally Shucks’ dad could come on and they could wear matching Hawaiian shirts and engage in slapstick comedy :slight_smile: I think this idea has LEGS.


I’m not going to speak for Shucks, but it’s cool from my perspective - seeing lighter sides of tough situations is always helpful, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it at the time.


keep forgetting that’s not you in your profile pic.


It’s my closest celebrity lookalike. Not young Nic Cage, this sort of ‘am I drunk on this aeroplane?’ Nic Cage.


he has a sort of homespun handsome charm, you must be lucky!


That is a very charitable perspective


The more I think about it, the more I’m amazed there isn’t more ska-punk on CBeebies.


evening team! had a takeaway thai green curry and watched better call saul. fit for bed now


I’m so bruised after last weekend that lying down hurts. pray4tilly.


I really want to put the heating on, but it was 26 degrees 2 weeks ago so I feel like we’re past the cutoff point for heating.

A stranger called me an idiot tonight for cycling home in the thunder snow with no jacket on.