Tuesday Evening


Have a bit of a hangover after the DiS meat. Had today off though so went canal walking then around brick lane as a bit of a date, was nice. Finishing a bit of writing now, laundry, pasta, not thinking about how our country is sinking around us. Nice weather mind. You?


might go buy some chocolate.

shouldn’t really should I


Little bit never hurt anyone [citation needed]


Stuck at work late (again). Someone at work has given me their flu (ffs). Gonna eat a spicy af curry tonight (yesss).


I’m gonna clean the house as I’m having a party tomorrow night for the Europa League final. Also need to plan out some work stuff for the next couple of days to try and get a bit of control back. Gonna eat some pasta and bacon I think.

Not sure what to listen to though.




This is the first Tuesday I’ve worked in two weeks. I’m tired.

Will probably watch that program about snacks on channel 4 later because Wor Lass loves snacks and how-to-make shows.


Feel a bit out of my depth with some work I’ve been given. Don’t really know what to do about it.

Pizza for tea, I think though.


The new Do Make Say Think album could make a nice soundtrack to cook to!


My mystery foot problem flared up today, basically agonising pain whenever I put weight on it, too awkward to ask work colleagues if they had any painkillers, but I just found some under my monitor stand, foot too swollen to get my shoe back on, getting home will be a challenge, if I make it home I am going to watch twin peaks and order from just eat


Last undergrad exam tomorrow. Wish I had done more work! Alas… Can’t wait to be drunk



YES great suggestion :thumbsup:


I love “how-to-make” shows too. I call them “footage of people doing their jobs.”


Gonna go to the gym I think although I’ve got a bit of a headache


Playing some squash later. Hoping not to sustain any injuries this week. The lovely bruise above my eye received during the last session still hasn’t completely faded away!


I honestly reckon there’s nothing better than watching someone doing their job really well. It’s what I like about sports and music, but I get the same thing from watching chefs, or my grandad dismantling a clock. Really satisfying seeing someone just using their awesome skills.


get into carpentry/woodworking videos, man. so therapeutic.


jaunt around Brick Lane is like mandatory on the ‘London guided tour of dates’, isn’t it.


Just ate my dinner. It consisted of meatballs with yesterday’s dinners sauce splodged together with a tin of tomatoes. It was good! Though the turkey I made the meatballs with was two days out of date… little worried I’m going to regret this :ghost: