Tuesday evening


I’m smashing a bag of wine gums.



just ate a massive vegan pizza and there’s still loads left for tomorrow :slight_smile:

now applying for a job I am not qualified for just to see how that goes. a bit bored and kinda want to chat and hang out with people.


Got a job for the rest of the week so going to treat myself to a burrito probably
Also found a fiver in my jacket :thumbsup: :new_moon_with_face:


Cannot emphasise enough how excited I am about eating crisps.


Oh mate I had some crisps about 3 hours ago, top notch.



need some dinner. don’t have anything in. hmm.


Just left work. Having pasta and chicken* for tea, that is if this bus ever gets me home. Dunno what else to do this eve. Any ideas?


Trying to actually learn drums with an online lesson rather than just play what I know like I have done for around about a decade. Drums are really hard.


please do some of my work for me


What did you have Ruffdawg?


hi everybody, let’s chat!


Had portobello mushrooms with vegan halloumi (wasn’t great but maybe didnt give it quite long enough) and tomatoes.

Currently trying to decide whether to just get oreos from the local corner shop or go a bit further to the m&s for veggie perch pigs or colins.

Started rewatching The Office last night so probably watch a bit more of that.


actually I would be great at this job. it combines sex and politics.


Your work sounds way too brainy for me :dizzy_face:


just sent an email to my boss, starting it with ‘Hi Mate’.

His name is Matt and it was a mistake. fuuuuuuuuuck.


Did a run -10km in 54mins (which is a good time for me :smile: )

TV is making fishpie for tea then we’re gonna watch twin peaks :mountain: :+1:

Great news about the crisps @Kallgeese and @Ruffers

@stupidsexyflanders must say I’m more of a sports mix man than wine gums, but spice are spice :+1:




2 bowls of corn flakes for my dinner and I’ve just had a Snickers. Could go another one.


Let me guide you!! go to M&S and don’t watch The Office.