Tuesday evening

Heeey you lovely bunch!!

Its been a pretty horrible day. Would be delighted if people posted really cool pictures and things in the evening thread to lighten the mood for me a wee bit :smiley: no worries if you don’t fancy it.

Hope you’ve all had good days and thoroughly enjoy your evening!!

Oh I wanted to commiserate and complain about my awful day :frowning:

I was on a nightshift last night and again tomorrow. I feel shit. I’ll have some wine with a film and an early night. Maybe something on Shudder or Death Note on Netflix which seems to have mixed reviews.

Ah sorry, totally do that!!! I’m sorry you’ve had a horrible day too. Please talk about it here …

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Still working :neutral_face:
Got a headache.
Not really feeling today.

I am in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. To teach kids on a holiday programme. The hotel is ok, but it’s a mile walk to the train station to go the 45 mins to Hamburg. I did a lot of sightseeing before arriving on Sunday though.

LOL HAD SUCH A SHIT DAY THAT I’M SITTING IN THE PARK DRINKING A MASSIVE BOTTLE OF MULLED CIDER (£1 at Waitrose tbf). Over halfway through. My gerbil went to the vet this afternoon too so I’m hoping that he didn’t die or anything. My poor baby boy :heart:

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had an okay day but feeling pretty rank now, not sure why. thought i had got over this cold but maybe not.

planning on watching tv and eating chicken wings :yum:

I’ve been using the big hospital there as my go-to hospital when demoing a dashboard at work.

:frowning: what’s up witchy?

Here’s me singing a depressing song which won’t cheer you up


Think i might have lyme disease. Shall i post a picture so we can all speculate?

On the up side i got a beautiful new tattoo today from one of my fave artists :heart: it’s currently wrapped in clingfilm though so no picture of that yet!


In Hamburg?

(the like is for your tattoo not your disease in case you were wondering)

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Awful day here too. :frowning: was really look forward to seeing my friends and going to some nice bars.


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Hope your gerbil is okay iPerv!

You can find out what day you were born on the French Revolutionary Calendar. I’m on the Day of Iron.

Been a pretty hectic day and tomorrow is going to be fucking nuts I think. Going to go for dinner with the TV and we’ll go for a drink or two after that so that’ll be good.

Mainly from my desk and in Amsterdam tbh. Just happens to be a good case study.

On Sunday I went on the museum ship in the harbour at Hamburg. The captain happened to be there, and he showed me how to send a message in Morse Code, and his photo album of all the places the boat went when he was a Mate there when it was a cargo ship serving South America in the 60s and 70s.

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