Tuesday evening


Heeey you lovely bunch!!

Its been a pretty horrible day. Would be delighted if people posted really cool pictures and things in the evening thread to lighten the mood for me a wee bit :smiley: no worries if you don’t fancy it.

Hope you’ve all had good days and thoroughly enjoy your evening!!


Oh I wanted to commiserate and complain about my awful day :frowning:


I was on a nightshift last night and again tomorrow. I feel shit. I’ll have some wine with a film and an early night. Maybe something on Shudder or Death Note on Netflix which seems to have mixed reviews.


Ah sorry, totally do that!!! I’m sorry you’ve had a horrible day too. Please talk about it here …


Still working :neutral_face:
Got a headache.
Not really feeling today.


I am in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. To teach kids on a holiday programme. The hotel is ok, but it’s a mile walk to the train station to go the 45 mins to Hamburg. I did a lot of sightseeing before arriving on Sunday though.


LOL HAD SUCH A SHIT DAY THAT I’M SITTING IN THE PARK DRINKING A MASSIVE BOTTLE OF MULLED CIDER (£1 at Waitrose tbf). Over halfway through. My gerbil went to the vet this afternoon too so I’m hoping that he didn’t die or anything. My poor baby boy :heart:



had an okay day but feeling pretty rank now, not sure why. thought i had got over this cold but maybe not.

planning on watching tv and eating chicken wings :yum:


I’ve been using the big hospital there as my go-to hospital when demoing a dashboard at work.


:frowning: what’s up witchy?

Here’s me singing a depressing song which won’t cheer you up


Feel a lot better about work after going in today. Still think they’ve screwed me with the sheer amount of work I’m doing…

Gonna do some night goblins bases tonight if I can be arsed. Otherwise just sit here listening to podcasts and that


Think i might have lyme disease. Shall i post a picture so we can all speculate?

On the up side i got a beautiful new tattoo today from one of my fave artists :heart: it’s currently wrapped in clingfilm though so no picture of that yet!


In Hamburg?


(the like is for your tattoo not your disease in case you were wondering)


Awful day here too. :frowning: was really look forward to seeing my friends and going to some nice bars.




Hope your gerbil is okay iPerv!


You can find out what day you were born on the French Revolutionary Calendar. I’m on the Day of Iron.


Been a pretty hectic day and tomorrow is going to be fucking nuts I think. Going to go for dinner with the TV and we’ll go for a drink or two after that so that’ll be good.


Mainly from my desk and in Amsterdam tbh. Just happens to be a good case study.