Tuesday Evening

bit slow round 'ere innit?

gonna watch the football and eat some pasta.

Yup, finished early so home from the Edinburgh already and managed to resist the pub (no one else was going).

Just had a beetroot salad for tea… then some doritos… then a chocolate yoghurt thing… probably some mint chocolate in a bit too.

Gonna watch Silicone Valley.

Absolutely dreading work tomorrow… need to run a workshop next Friday and haven’t got a clue what I’m doing and really CBA finding out and it’s all gonna hit the fan because I keep just ignoring it all and hoping it will go away.


Hiya profk (haha, my phone autocorrected it to prick)

How’s goes it? I’m off out to a gig in a sec (wrote sex instead. What’s my phone trying to do to me??) going to drink a beer for dinner.


Who are you gonna see?

Hello from Greece! Today I have paddleboarded, cycled, yoga’d, read my book, and listened to music. And only responded to 4 work emails. Decent holidaying.

just doing my pushups, I’ve got a bit of bicep now!


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Sounds like you’re doing push-ups wrong…

:frowning: why you gotta hush my groove?

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You really should be providing visuals along with all those words of yours.

Good work on the bicep, bammers

Happy now???


Watching the rain in work
On the plus side when I go home I get to watch 30 rock!
Swings and the other things

Oooooo!!! Yes! That looks very swish indeed. I’m just climbing in my teleporting device, will be with you guys in a jiffy.

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Ace, we’ll see you for dinner. Going on a climbing trip into the mountains tomorrow. Well excited!

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Evenin. I’m pooped, v glad not to have to work this evening. Gonna eat some curry for tea and then get an early night probably. Got a sainos delivery coming in a bit, exciting!

what are you meant to do for biceps then? I don’t understand working out really.

Can someone help me please! I’ve been looking at old glass lamp shades and for some of them I’m wondering how you fit them? Something like this -

Any idea?

Someone ought to confiscate your debit card!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: helpful advice there eric, I will take that into consideration :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not buying it! It was just an exaaaample.

P.S. But if I were to buy it, what’s wrong with it!? It’s pretty damn snazzy :smiley:

Don’t they usually hang off chains?