Tuesday Evening?

Tell me all the things please.


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Hiiii rich :wave: soon you and your fiancé are going to meet my face. How excited are you about this?

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GOOD! Me too :smiley:

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Sorry Witches… I have nothing to tell

Just had pasta and pesto. Watching Portillo on his train journeys. Might go to the pub and play chess. Dog has been licking my jeans.


Anyway, yet another shite day at work. Dunno if I can continue doing this for much longer.

Having a red pepper and carrot soup so that’ll be nice. Supposedly snowing here overnight. Just need a holiday really

Good stuff. Liking forward to it a lot!

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feeling nice and full up! Looking forward to getting a bath shortly!


I don’t care about you!! TELL ME *smashes things dramatically* HOW IS RIPLEY?


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Hello Witches et al,
I’ve been to the gym and now I’m going to get my hair cut :+1:

having pasta and meatballs for tea, reading some magick, think that’s about it.

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I need a haircut desperately. I haven’t had it cut since last May :scream:

My regular pix and mix shack has started saying “enjoy the film” when they serve customers” love it. So cheeky.

Having one of those days and am in a shitty mood.
Garage have fucked up repairing the steering rack in our car, which has messed up our plans for travelling down to London to go on holiday at the weekend. Now forking out $$$ on train tickets there and a rental car to get back.
Also gonna have to remove a bookcase from our old place by lugging it by hand tomorrow rather than by car. Fun.
My US colleagues knocked out my afternoon with some buggy code so working this evening to catch up.
India visa for work is a pain in the arse and both the websites involved are a total mess.

Whaaaaat?! Is that a normal time between haircuts?!


Ripley is good… I groomed him and trimmed his claws last night, then he dug what was left of them into my leg. :+1: would groom again :rabbit: :rabbit2: