Tuesday evening

I haven’t done a poo today so I’ve got a vegetable jalfrezi on the way.

How’s your evening/bowel going?

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Just had a mushroom korma, was fine.

Off to yoga in 5, that helps with your issue I think. Do some squats etc.

I’m not sure how your going to yoga is going to help with my constipoh I see.

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hi. I going to eat some food, maybe drink some liquid

my bowels are fine, thanks for asking.

Going to listen to some bodyinthethames music for inspiration

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might go watch the champions league game, will probably drink some pints

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Guys, I need to order a set of these but I don’t know what they’re called. What is one of these called? Comedy answers welcomed.


That’s my thumb


Cooking up primavera pasta thing. Been out to buy new toilet seats (soft close thanks for asking), ant powder and a bird feeder station for the garden to attract the birds in (oi oi)

Bowels are good thanks mate. Underused today though.

Wrench thingy


Evening eps. Packing my car as I’m about to go away for two weeks -Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Glasgow again, Cardiff… all the greats. Have I packed everything? Probably not. :woman_shrugging:

Bowels could probably use a few more vegetables tbqh.

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Was about to make dinner for the TV but we realised her housemate’s cats have pissed everywhere, including on her bed. He definitely is not looking after them properly the prat.

Going to continue on with making a carbonara but I’ve a feeling there’s going to be a bad vibe in the house for the night.

Lug wrench

Edit: maybe not

Evening. I confirm that I’ve had a poo today, and that my bowel is in surprisingly fine fettle.

Waiting for the kids to go to bed so that I can eat chilli. Currently watching my youngest’s dance ‘show’, to a musical accompaniment of Little Mix.

And by watching I mean posting on DiS whilst making approving nodding gestures and saying ‘very good’ every so often.


Guess which national hero I’ve just seen on Spanish telly? Will post the video when I get the correct answer.

manuel pablo

Emilio Butragueño?

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English national hero