Tuesday evening

I went to see Mark Kozelek at Sherpherds Bush last year, was amazing! Felt like a real somebody being in the big city

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@japes @Lo-Pan


trying to get to the end of netflixes daredevil. seem to manage one episode every six months.

Trying to get through Altered Carbon at a similar pace.

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I love your Gil Gunderson’esque comments sometimes :smiley:

was flattered then thought that would be a cool Scandinavian actor or something, googled and it turns out it’s simpsons :frowning:


Getting ready for work tomorrow. Still stunned from seeing Hamilton last night :heart_eyes:

Switching to big bottles. Nervous now, might go out instead.

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Him indoors is making cookies!

I found some photos of @Tilly and I from the weekend lol


Bored. Need more wrappers.

I always used to have tiny origami paper in my bag, I should do that again.


Yeah I think it’s not a standard piece of equipment. It was perfect for getting at a bolt in a tight engine bay but it was just too large.

We’ve just got here. It’s pretty annoying how many prime seats have been reserved by other people. Grr…

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universal joint adapter then?

Very annoying, got here on time and there were already coats spread everywhere. Tbh, could easily fit two more in the space where I am six rows back on the left, if that is better than any of your options?

Watching snooker, waiting for my bedding to wash. Overloaded the machine so it’s taken yonks for the spin to work.

Ding is 31. That’s blown my tiny mind a little.

New bedding, bath and bed all in the next forty (40) minutes.

Actually I’m 34


Ah, I meant Snooker’s Ding.

Mind you, 34? Really? Genuinely thought you were much younger from your selfies.

Yay, bought 2 toilet seats. Spent 40 minutes getting frustrated by the fact they weren’t attaching to the pan. Turns out they’re top fixing seats and not bottom fixing. Fucking great.

Ah, thanks for the offer, but we’ve managed to get a spot a bit further back.

It’s just annoying how people spread all their coats out across an entire row then head to the bar for an hour and don’t even watch the support act.

bored as fuck m8s

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