Tuesday Evening 🌞

Alright folks? Hope you are all swell. I’ve fallen into a routine of watching the football at 7 and love island at 9 - could do with doing something a bit more exciting! Having scrambled eggs on toast for tea because why not?

What are you all up to?

Would love a good board game right now!


Off to see Modern Life is War and I might melt in the pit.

I went to my brother in laws dads funeral today, the crematorium was packed so he must have been a popular guy.

My sister did all the food for the wake and did a brilliant job of it.

I was absolutely sweltering in a suit though. I’m now in shorts and I have no plans other than watching the football.

Got the footers on in the background while I do some work. Way too much on right now.

Hey gal! Not much on tonight thankfully. Bit of the footers and will start dinner during halftime. Vietnamese caramel pork tonight with some cav nero and the rest of last night’s un-bbbq’d halloumi.

That pork sounds hot! Pics?


Have opened a beer :beer:

Hiyaaaa :wave:

Still at home watching football and dipping into my book! Feel marginally better than yesterday, although I still don’t have an appetite.


:wave: :tv: (:soccer: :nigeria: :argentina:)

Brought my desk fan home from work

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I meant to do this but forgot

Why did I decide to make spicy Tom pasta for dinner? I’m burning up!

My internet went down halfway through jersey shore

Bf is in Frankfurt til tomorrow eve. I don’t like to sleep alone but I can’t sleep at the moment and I’m fully fidgety all night long so it’s a bit of a blessing tbh

It’s too hot and I’ve had a fucking shit day. Time to get baked, drink a couple of beers, and eat a pizza.

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Just cooked and ate the steak - was good but came out medium when I was going for medium rare. We have ice cream for afters but I’m going to wash up 1st - blasting some Waxahatchee

I’m about to go out to the garage to do some weights. Reckon it’ll be ~1,000 degrees in there.

If I don’t make it back, tell Balonz: fuck off. Bye.

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Yeah I’d probably go for a walk at 9 or something.

Or repeatedly stab yourself in the face with a rusty blade

This was my dinner plans but can’t be arsed so just gonna shove something in the oven.