Tuesday Evening ๐ŸŒž

Or repeatedly stab yourself in the face with a rusty blade

This was my dinner plans but canโ€™t be arsed so just gonna shove something in the oven.

Bit far

Ok, just a couple of times then

It was a delight but I made it a bit too spicy

And had half a garlic bread too :heart_eyes: CARB LYF

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Just farted at the bottom of a squat and nearly killed myself from laughing so hard I lost my balance.

What a way to go.


Working one day a week in Birmingham for the next few months. New boss (who knows everything about the city) took me on a 2hr walking tour of the city centre today. Really fascinating place, had a great time.

Sadly my train back to London was horribly delayed as I think the entire railway network is melting today. So probably just gonna have a quiet night, watch some Atlanta, try and get to sleep early (although in this heatโ€ฆ)


going to play a computer game and drink some beer. nothing more interesting to say Iโ€™m afraid

You know, I think these โ€œsportsโ€ earphones I got for ยฃ3 in TK Maxx might not be very good.

Evening all, just having a beer in the garden while dinner cooks (baked potato, if youโ€™re wondering)

@laelfy :yum:


Opened a beer.

Just checked and last yearโ€™s beer fesitval glass is pretty much exactly the same as this yearโ€™s and it has disappointed me.


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Been on a no carbs thing for a while. Really struggle to find non potato based sides for dinner so having a load of Cypriot cheese instead :grinning:

How is your wifeyโ€™s back doing?

yeah f everyoneโ€™s i, s1 is on iplayer the now. itโ€™s decent.


Iโ€™m playing some bass and watching the football while my GF cooks dinner. Weโ€™ve been budgeting out the next few months which is exciting and scary all at the same time.

An ATD got on to me about having a few free tickets for the Flaming Lips in Galway so Iโ€™m well up for that. Itโ€™s going to be a good summer m9s.


FYI for everyone


Sheโ€™s been signed off for another week as of today. Theyโ€™re putting it down to a muscular thing now but according to her bloods her uric acid is slightly high so I think itโ€™s stones but they havenโ€™t diagnosed it yet. But what do I know!

Itโ€™s been tough though, Iโ€™m really exhausted. This is a bit tl;dr reading back, sorry :slightly_smiling_face: