Tuesday evening


Sitting around until it’s a suitable time to eat Indian cuisine in a restaurant

Until then, I am enjoying this Very Rare Beast

What’re you doing or waiting for?






Hi, I’m eating dinner but it’s too early


Also, @83746725

It’s a stunning road. I very much enjoyed it and wish I took more photographs


Last picture from me, don’t worry! Saw this and thought DiS would appreciate the sentiment


leaving work a bit late, looking forward to getting home, eating some fish and chips and watching the new Better Call Saul


evenin DiS


I had a leftover snack so I can put off cooking for a while. I do however also have 3 beers in the fridge. Trying to decide if I should have them now or save them for later.


Man, I’d love one of these rn. Got a cuppa on the go instead

Been Aldi for the weekly shop. Gonna cook up sea bream and roasted vegetables with sauteed potatoes. It’s that Kermode programme tonight I think.


Hi everyone

Had veggie sausages and salad for dinner because I am dieting. Wolfed it down as well as I thought the tv was taking a call from the living room but he’s gone to the study to do it. Might eat some yoghurt if I get hungry later.

Gonna keep reading my book and take a shower, nothing else planned for the evening.


House is a state because the painters have been in doing the kitchen.

Shattered from dealing with stuff to do with the other house.



Seeing Jenny Lewis at Koko.


Was supposed to have a date but they have not text back today so I’m taking this to mean no date.

Just bought some cereal and some aubergine pickle. Gonna make dome wraps with the later in, I think.


Waiting for father in law to go home so we can go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Had standard new pots, veg and Quorn thing for tea.

Recommend TeenTitans film.

Bit bored, so have broken one of my personal rules around books and am reading a Richard & Judy recommended one. Be a good thread tbh, self imposed rules do we think??


really hungry but have to wait until at least 7pm to have dinner otherwise I’ll just get the hungry again later


Yeah I get this almost every evening, especially as I eat lunch at 1230.


I hope @whiterussian enjoyed her big greasy pizza yesterday


I’m off to play tennis in a bit which will be another good opportunity to rock the ponytail


I obviously did :pray: