Tuesday evening

Oh wow, had no idea that was happening. Is she touring something?

Evening all!

Salmon and veggie pasta this evening - didn’t really work but it was OK. Wor Lass is suffering from a hard day at work; The Child had a two hour nap and I played HZD.

Wasabi peas?

  • Yes please, pal
  • No thank you, friend

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Horrid mustard peas. Taste like gas.

  1. Wasabi peanuts
  2. Wasabi seaweed thins
  3. Wasabi peas
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Don’t all console me at once.

I’m not sure. I loved her album Voyage and so bought a ticket a while ago.

Checking her recent set lists out I couldn’t see any new material played.

I hate The Koko but like her. Should be good.

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Snap! Quorn fillets in a soy sauce and honey marinade are surprisingly tasty…

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In a pub waiting for the gf. Eastenders is on the TV. Phil and Sharon still on it lol. Former looking like a meat potato and the latter has clearly just returned from a holiday to the sun

@anon64105032 I have never seen a Clementina in the wild :open_mouth: any good?

@Unlucky aubergine pickle wraps sound like more fun than a date, I think things worked out for the best :+1:

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Really want guacamole and chips guys


Corrrrrr, so do I now.


Had a spinach and butternut squash based salad for tea, was dece.

Had a tiring day with lots of wisdom teeth pain. I haven’t got my appointment at the oral surgery clinic until mid October, so I am sorry I will be complaining about that for a while yet.

Finished watching Totoro with R, he laughed hysterically at the bit where he runs up the side of the tree.

I do as well now, I have the stuff to make guac, but no chips :-1:

Guacamole and chips

  • Eh?
  • Legit combo

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Tortilla chips Prof!

Although, I would smash some chippie chips with guacamole because I’m an absolute mental one mate

Hmmm okay.

Yeah me too

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Have you considered a headband?

Didn’t George Osborne once embarass himself when he went to a chippy to appear human and thought the mushy peas were guacamole?

This is not a combo I would eat