Tuesday Evening

Had to look at my watch there to see what day it is. It’s not evening for me, it’s only 11:30. I’m on my way to Bend, Oregon - a hipster beer town. You can be assured I’ll be making lots of bad ‘going round the bend’ like jokes today. Slept in a room by myself last night for the first time in 6 weeks which was pretty nice. What shall I do with my afternoon - optional activities are:

  • Brewery tour and tastings
  • Kayaking
  • Bugger all

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Feel free to tell me what you’re up to as well.

Yo @laelfy

Did you have any injections for your trip? Particularly the Japanese encephalitis…?

Yes, JEV, rabies, Hep A and typhoid. Would’ve had tetanus but I was within the ten years.

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Did you know Oregon has no sales tax? So if you need to buy anything in the US, best to do it in this state. I learnt the hard way buying loads of clothes and books in California before heading to Oregon.

Yes, my guide just told me this! I can’t buy much souvenirs as I don’t have much space, but I’ve been enjoying all the state/park branded t-shirts so might get another.

Where do you live again?

London (not very exciting)

Oh, I thought you were American for some reason.

Cheers, wasn’t sure about the JEV one… costs mad €€€s :grimacing:

Haha. I wish I was when younger (thought only US citizens get bitten by radioactive spiders or have a batcave under their mansion)

Yeah I know. I figured it was worth it to not die a horrible death in a crap foreign hospital…

You know you can get hep a and typhoid from you GP for free?

Do you know your schedule yet? Would be cool if we crossed paths!

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Evening!! I didn’t know which evening thread to go for :wave: this one had more replies. Hi @laelfy :blush: I’d like to join you in Bend. It sounds like my kind of place.

I think I may have unintentionally been a bit of a dickhead to the tv earlier :expressionless: Oh bother. Going to do some washing and have some tea and watch a romcom.

Hi :woman_mage:s. Americans keep asking me where to visit in Scotland and I’m afraid I’m sending them all to Edinburgh.


Haha!! That’s okay, it is the correct choice :wink:


Had a great day mooching around Godalming with my partner’s mate who’s pretty pregnant. Accidently introduced O to some of colleagues. Just had 2 jacket spuds (1 x coronation chicken, 1 x beanz and cheese). GBBO time!

I’m so behind on GBBO. You can get baked potato flavour Pringles here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So just plain with no flavouring then didnt walkers or somebody do them already

Who knows, the Americans are a crazy bunch


smuggle out a few beers and take them kayaking with you? is kayaking under the influence is probably a good idea

I’m doing nothing, I guess. yeah nothing, might watch a film but that’s it

I had some of these from an American food place recently out of curiosity. They’re meant to taste like jacket spuds plus toppings so they’re vaguely cheesey and a bit chilli-y. Not unpleasant but not good enough to be bought again.