Tuesday Evening

Curious about your toppings choice here m9, did the beans from spud 2 intefere with your eating/enjoyment of spud 1, or were they on seperate plates?

Hey @laelfy! I say go and taste some beer!

We’re watching ‘Making A Murderer’ for the first time here. It’s on in the background while I organise some gigs and my GF paints a mural. Up early in the morning to go to a training course in the suburbs so no cider for me.

I am lying prone on the sofa while my girlfriend looks after me because my back is fucked and she’s ace.

Also my Kickstarter is up to £26 off the goal because everyone on community.drownedinsound.com is properly brilliant and I love you all a lot.


hate that there’s mayo in coronation chicken :frowning: reminds me of simpler times at school getting the sainos triple indian sandwich and always used to give the coronation chicken one away.

Alright m9s?

How’s your day been? What are you up to this evening?

I had a good day at work although I have a cold. I’m currently making Malaysian curry (thanks @Lo-Pan for the recipe) in The hope that spicy food will help my cold.

Also, it’s my cake day! Yey!


pretty manic day moving between my grandparents and my new place. bedded in now, and am about to go for some schooners with my palz.:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:




Can a @moderators merge the evening threads please?

Were those photos in the day thread your new place? Good work if so!

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aye. best room i’ve had in about 10 years too. always get lumped with the worst room in houseshares due to not wanting to kick up a fuss.

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That must feel amazing! As horrible as moving house is, it’s quite a nice feeling once you’re in and you can set the place up as you like.

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I feel very luxurious right now, it must be said.

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I wanted beanz and cheeze, she wanted coronation chicken. Didn’t really interfere with one another mind. Ate the cheesy one first as the beans are wet, the the CC one afterwards. There was no cross contamination


(happy cake day)

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Ordered takeaway and got the wrong rice (my fault). Cooked some boil in the bag from the cupboard but that was also bad. And the potatoes in the massaman curry were almost raw :triumph:

Bed soon though yay!

Sounds like you dealt with the situation calmy, efficiently and professionally. Good work.

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I don’t like beer so… might find a quiet spot by the water and read.

Thank you! :cake:

My management skills coming to the fore there.

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Had such a shit day for a couple of reasons.

Sat in my camping chair. Would drink that bottle of red but don’t know where a corkscrew is.