Tuesday evening


Im off to see Basshunter tonight

what you up to


Think I’ve got elbow bursitis.

That’s about it really.


Got my dad (meh) and sister (yay) coming round for dinner.


Not much going on. Having fishcakes, chips and peas for tea and herbal tea with bake off. Had a 2¼ hour meeting with my new boss. Pretty positive and honest. Tomorrow is my Friday




Love that video


good old gil! have been debating buying one of his t-shirts for years now.


Need to get The Child to bed before I can go.

Hoping to be asleep before 8.00.


Taking off our shirts, bout to make these rifles burs


I’m in Monterey, hanging out with a bunch of seals by the harbour


Just ate some laksa noodle soup about as classlessly as is possible.

Going to see a film called Albatross.


How’s the cheese?


Who, Jack?


Have not seen any cheese yet, just seafood and chocolate. Thought it would be quite cool/glamorous/romantic and actually it’s just like any tacky English seaside town.


Should have just gone to Blackpool and saved yourself a load of hassle.


Gonna work on some drum midi


Been for a run. Got a pretty bang on puy lentil, pasta, roasted tomato salad and a cold can of Gazprom to sit down for the evenings football


Just finished the new series of bojack horseman. Wtffffff

Gonna shower and hang out on the couch then have an early night I think.


Bike ride, then pub, then a little extra bike ride to get home.


Making spanakopita for tea