Tuesday evening

Alright mates, what’s happening? I was gonna go round the corner and get some dirty fried chicken for dinner but now I’m home I can’t be fucked and just wanna put my pyjamas on instead. Looks like it’s a fish finger wrap, beans on toast or noodles for tea, you decide:

  • Fish finger wrap
  • Beans on toast
  • Noodles

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Tell me about your lives plz.

The scheduling of masterchef confuses me. do we reckon it’s on tonight?

I will honor the results of the poll at 7pm.

Voted fish finger wrap, because if you have beans on toast you’ll have nothing for breakfast tomorrow.

Got a Thai takeaway incoming. Also got a missed delivery notice, which I think is my coffee. Could have lobbed it over the gate like they do with actually breakable stuff, ffs.

I also love hash browns, wish I had some tbh


I like your photography style.

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the big lad (god rest his soul) would’ve approved of this.

looking down smiling.


Is that thing on the left of the lasagne a bit of run-off or some other brown thing?

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Linda McC’s and curly chips for din dins.

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I’ve got some lemon chicken for dinner. Gonna make a side salad for it. Maybe a couple waffles?

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Honestly if I had the choice of swapping that meal for my takeaway I’d have to properly think about it.

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  • pizza n chips/hash browns
  • lasagne n chips/hash browns
  • pasta n chips/hash browns
  • curry n chips/hash browns
  • chinese n chips/hash browns

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did you freeze that slice of tomato


thats at least 3 slices layered, surely?!

That’s going straight in the bin, obviously.

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I thought maybe two, then thought it could be a giant one but i didn’t want to ask.


My new fridge freezer arrived today and I’m deliriously happy about it even though it’s a tiny fridge freezer.
Gonna go sainos in a min

No idea what to have for dinner

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I vote one thick one and one thin one

Where’s the rest

I always get sweet and sour chicken hong kong style and it goes really well with chips.

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Fucking love lasagne and chips, my mouth is watering at the thought

Can’t believe I’ve said ill wait until 7pm until the poll ends, truly done myself haven’t I

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