Tuesday evening


Quick questions to get started. On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you need

  • a haircut
  • a wee
  • a good night’s sleep?

I’d go 7/10 (bit shaggy), 3/10 (had one before leaving the office) and 7.5/10 (is it really only Tuesday?)

Any other business? I’ve taken too long over this OP and someone else has probably started an evening thread.


10/10 - my hair is a monstrosity

1/10 - only went a few minutes ago

8/10 - have done plenty of exercise and I’m quite tired


Evening c_c_b!
Haircut 0/10 (growing it), wee 1/10, good night’s sleep probs 4/10

Waiting for dinner. Hungryyyy


Haircut 3/10 last cut was 7 weeks ago so will defo need in about 3 more
Wee 2/10
Sleep 7/10 didn’t sleep very well last night because of sickness then the shock of getting up for work

Had chicken Kiev and beans. 6/10 because my mum cooks them so far the garlic butter has either escaped or dried up :slightly_frowning_face:


wish I was on a podcast, reckon I could really get into talking a load of shite


Bam have you considered having your hair cut off and donating it to a children’s cancer wig charity? I think you’d look great with short hair.


I’m still on the train and am dead hungry. CW: really boring; also bikes I’ve been using my new bike to cycle to :fireworks: Cambridge North :fireworks: as a means of getting a bit of exercise. There aren’t any shops / cafés here other than a rather sad Costa franchise, so I haven’t been snacking like I did when I used Cambridge ‘central’ station. Good for my figure but I’m ravenous when I get in.

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Did a load of walking today, swam a mile, went for a run, prepped a billion helpings of a vegan Mac and cheese that uses butternut squash in the sauce, chucked in cauliflower and kale like that fit one Pret do but it’s definitely missing cheese, I also prepped a few portions of a nice mushroom stew and tidied the flat. Feel surprisingly chipper.


haircut: 7/10 dunno when i last had it done
wee: 2/10 i’m all right for once
good night’s sleep: 8/10 ended up on the couch last night as my RLS was really bad and i kept accidentally kicking the tv, so decided it was for the best

just ate a plate of raw veggies for lunch, go me!

also got a bunch of life admin done, hoorah. going to bite the bullet and figure out how much i owe the tv and make a monthly plan of how to pay him back. really hope i get this job tomorrow and that the salary is all right.


Ooft I bet!! I’ll let you off the bike chat, for now :smile:



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that would be a nice idea!

I think I look real stupid with short hair though, for example:

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It’s more snacking chat tbh. I’d go to desperate lengths for a jumbo sausage roll right now.

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I’m with @laelfy - as much as you look like a rock god with long hair, you look great with short hair too.


Haircut: solid 0/10
Wee: 3/10
Sleep: 6/10

Having guacamole and spicy garlic mushrooms on toast, while watching the latest Brexit car crash unfold.


I’ve got one of those big faces though, have to balance out the size of my face/head with hair :slight_smile:


thanks to you and @laelfy for the compliment though, must learn to take a compliment :sunglasses:

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Haircut - 3, had one last week but went grade 3 and should have gone 1 or 2 really

Wee - 2

Sleep - 6

Off for Tuesday MTB and pub later. I’m still quite full from my big daft lunch but I need to eat something before I go or I’ll probably die of hunger up on the downs. I’ll probably have a ham sandwich and a cup of tea.

I’m just chilling right now listening to Inervisions . Such a lovely warm sounding record, like a music duvet. Think I might have listened to this album more than any other over the years.


Would pretty much always go to drastic lengths for a saus roll


Can’t think of a better value snack food. 88p for two (basically a jumbo in two halves) at Spenos. Would eat them daily if I didn’t feel my kidneys groaning under the weight of processed meat and pastry