Tuesday Evening 🐍

when it ran at you, you could just kick it in the face



Going to see ghost world in Peckham

At the same time as blasting out some jazz on the sax?

You bring this shit upon yourself

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There’s your problem.


Fucking knew I should have told Barry to postpone.

Hubris. Sheer hubris.

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my last hairband has nearly snapped, going to have to shave my head if this breaks. Not quite pythonville but pretty scary in it’s own way.

my housemate’s brother has now been sleeping on the sofa for 10 (ten) nights

he finally went to check out his new flat today but is now back here, where all his stuff is still in the living room (not sure what his plans are for tonight)

he’s fine but feeling a bit claustrophobic. confined to my room if i want to get anything productive done.

Help us settle a debate in the Spin house

  • Spongebob is his full first name. On his birth certificate it would say Spongebob
  • His real name is just Bob, and everyone calls him Spongebob because he’s a sponge, called Bob

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Scousers in soaps. Always villains.


I feel sorry for him he must have a really bad back

Hey Bam!

Good to see you back!

The Zeal/@he_2 axis are out around Euston Road tearing up the nightlife in preparation for the Three Lionesses inevitable defeat to @Funkhouser’s Yankees.



What if you tried to live a wacky and fun life and die in a very serious manner?

Idk, you have to accept that he was born with the shorts on for one of those options

Even in brookside

Why? The shorts don’t make him a sponge.

i think his flat’s been ready to go for days now, i have no idea why he’s wilfully chosen to continue sleeping on a sofa

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not really sure, could be said that it heightens or highlights the fun and fleeting nature of life

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just nominative determinism isn’t it

always assumed a spongebob is what americans call a sponge

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