Tuesday evening!

My first thread on these shiny new boards, HOW EXCITING :trophy: :horse_racing: :cow:

What’s everyone up to?

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I’m pretty stressed

Tempted to give up my no alcohol policy tonight

What are you stressed about bammers

just work stuff mostly.

Also it’s just so bloody hot here. I’m glad I did my gardening yesterday evening I wouldn’t want to be outside now.

Hope things are good with you?



Things are good but I still don’t have a proper job and I’m getting fed up a bit.

what kind of work are you looking for?

Film related?

Drinking a G&T and enjoying the view


Yeah, preferably. Not in production or anything though, but like with festivals and so on. I’ve got a little bit of freelance work atm but not nearly enough. I’m sure it will work out eventually though.

Tell me about your gardening :palm_tree:

oh it’s not exciting I just have a pretty big garden (for poor people in the UK anyway) and I’ve let it get a little bit…overgrown…since mum’s been hospitalised. Well me and my bro cut loads of it back on Sunday morning which was quite a mission, yesterday I was just doing the lawn and sweeping up the debris. It’s kind of satisfying once you get into it. Hopefully I burned a few calories too so win win!

It is satisfying! I don’t have an actual garden but a balcony and I planted loads of things earlier this year that have now turned into massive plants, it’s awesome. Really nice to have something just really hands-on to keep you occupied every now and again.

still have to get rid of some of the weeds that are growing in my driveway. Amazingly tenacious species whatever it is. It’s a nice feeling when you uproot something and a massive root comes out with it. Probably something Freudian in there.


Its proper wazzing it down

On the train back from that London after my work volunteering (which is etc etc to etc). On the way here it was 32 degrees outside. The train was hotter than outside. This train is hotter than that one was. Might die.

Not even going straight home. Getting the train back to work to pick up my car to drive home. Ffs.

And I’ve not eaten yet and it’ll be at least an hour and a half until I get home.

I’m hungry.

Long distance hug coming your way <3

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…you ok mate?

Hiya! I might just go to bed soon, it’s dark and baby went to bed early and I have work tomorrow. Got to take a French journalist on a tour and for lunch, cba with either let alone going for lunch with someone I don’t know.

can’t imagine you as a shy person. I’m sure you’ll find something to talk about