Tuesday Evening!!!

Alright? Sacked off making dinner and got a takeaway coming because it turns out it’s payday! Drinking a Red Stripe and watching The Truman Show but what about you?


Getting McDonald’s I think


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Just watched that Katie price documentary with her son Harvey, it was really touching and so sad to hear about the things families have gone through with sectioning under the mental health act


Brian Harvey Special for dinner

Tonight I’ll mainly be winding down after an especially stressful day at work, being chased for something which hit my desk a week later than it should have been (when this week I haven’t got any time to do extra work)

Had lovely slow cooker gammon with Boulanger potatoes and broccoli. Back to work tomorrow and now obviously have the sads

Been trying to get motivated to write essays for oooh three weeks now, still no dice.

Truman Show is one of my all time faves :heart_eyes:

The cat tried to get in the flat with a large blackbird earlier :broken_heart: i managed to distract him and he dropped it and it flew away but not sure it will have survived. Little murdering douchebag, haven’t looked at him since. New giant bell for his collar it is.

Had leftovers for dinner already but feel like its a two tea night to try and give me a reason to start work when all I want is to go to bed :sleeping:


love the idea that they think bird corpses are a suitable gift


Such a dick. Really thought he might not be a hunter as he’s so social with all the garden animals but was wishful thinking. The magpies hate him though so they’re pretty good at giving a heads up which is how I spotted him earlier. Going to get a long range water pistol :gun:

May as well get a nerf gun as well if you’re getting a super soaker. Really relive those 90s childhood dreams


Had an incredibly irritating work day and tempted to reach for some emergency wine.

Boilers shut itself off due to a frozen pipe or some BS. No heating or hot water til the man comes tomorrow! :woman_shrugging:

me too, so close to opening some wine but musn’t, got too much on tomorrow. and i’m not very good at just having the one or two. :grimacing:

This was a very good decision.

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Hospital rule change implemented today - today of all days. Been kicked out. So at home on my lonesome and treated myself to a pizza because fuck it.


20 pills and a roll under your own car?


Dunno what to eat.

Still some haggis left but should probably cook something else.

need a cry. there’s never really any proper closure in life, is there.

Haven’t shit our brains out after consuming homemade prawn toast ten minutes ago.

I’ve got a work thing I should have finished on Monday. Obviously haven’t. Seems like a Wednesday lunchtime job to me.

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