Tuesday evening

Hey. You ok?

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I’m okay thanks. You?

Glugging a Huel down after doing a mini-workout.

Shower > TV > bed.

Yeah I’m ok, thanks rich-t


Yeah, fine. Shocking day at work. Need a new job innit, confidence maaaaan.

Making a fry for tea. Boom.

Saw that Bez is going to make a cameo at some point and was apparently such a delight the doors have been left open for him to be a recurring character.
With that, his new music, celeb gogglebox and dancing on ice, I’d argue he’s one of the hardest working blokes in showbiz. And it’s especially impressive when you consider he’s probably still a bit high from 90s.

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It’s a really intimidating thing to do when you’ve been somewhere for a long time eh? Sounds like you have loads of experience though. You’ll know the time is right when you get that burst of motivation to just bang some applications out.

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Is he going to be Bez in it?

Hi Rich and pals :wave:

Just over on twitter correcting Historic England about their street furniture article attributing the first gas street lighting to London (it was, of course, Salford).

How alluring does this make me?

  • The hottest babe going
  • Pretty sexy like but pls stick to the bench chat

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I’m not sure- was only half listening to the telly as I was getting ready. Just heard that he’s going to be “a DJ”

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Great stuff, might have to tune in for that. Could be even better than ‘arry Redknapp in Easties.

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Afraid to break it to you…they’ve actually skipped over electric lighting completely. Charlatans.


Was eyeing up some sticky toffee puddings in the supermarket earlier but thought better of it. Now sitting here wondering what the hell I was thinking.


Just threw an egg on the floor.

Got a saddle sore as it happens. Maybe two. Gonna have a bath to ease it.


Feeling sorry for myself
Very tired too

Definitely not from London.

Hello I managed to work out from my isolation chamber and sent a PCR result in the post and didn’t really understand how to fold the box so fairly sure it will be invalid.

I’ve been trying to order a burns night supper from Sainsbury’s for the past hour and won’t work :sob::sob:

Washing machine broke today and my hole is still there :frowning:

gonna drink a bunch of wine in the bath

Was going to have a Burns Night supper on my way to the Dulwich match tonight originally :sweat_smile: