Tuesday Evening

Standards are slipping.

I’m doing some admin and possibly watching The Witcher after The Child is in bed.

I had lamb burgers and salad for tea.


I made lamb, mint & feta burgers and rosemary & garlic chips for tea.

Had some sad news about an old pal from my Bath days so gonna have a Tuesday beer.

Your meal deserves a like* but I don’t want to be seen to support bad news.

*apart from the feta. They should never have started making cheese from ghosts.

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Not had anything to eat because I got a couple of fillings earlier. Bit hungry though.

Feta is delicious and we shall be discussing it as a group very soon.


Will also be having boigaz for tea. Not much else planned except coughing and maybe watching a bit of telly. A bath is possible. Quite irked from working late coz someone is forever sending me a load of stuff to do right at the end of the day. Grrr.


I also had some (probable) lamb in the form of donner meat as part of my mixed meat and battered chips.

Watching telly, innit.



Good day in that I finally found out I’m being paid for the job I’ve been working on this year. Have been really stressed about money for a good while. Have booked some accommodation for our holiday to celebrate which is extra exciting.

Evening currently consists of drinking a beer and listening to Trail of Dead. Knackered so maybe early night.

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Turns out for the past six months I’ve been texting my boss’ landline. Holiday / sick leave requests, urgent work queries etc. Thought he was just one of those people who was terrible at replying to things :man_facepalming:


I’m trying to hold off on having a Creme Egg for as long as possible because it’s going to be the highlight of my evening

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The TV has convinced me to pick up burgers on my way home from work, I found to very hard to argue.

Brighton heads know.


Curried chicken and Bombay spuds from Gousto for tea.

Watching Peacemaker


Just been to Kambis with my son - he got me the Beastie Boys book, very chuffed

Gonna have a couple more :beers: now


Alright Keith and fellow baberaham lincolns.

Have been reading a bit of poetry about witches, bold and daunting start with a poem about putting a hex on penises, appreciate the sentiment though.

Going to write something myself for a bit before having to do some boring work. Bah. Will do it all from under my duvet I think in my cosiest pyjamas and try not to nod off…zzzzzz

Public apology for mixing up Phil and Gary Neville earlier in the day thread (not sorry to the Nevilles mind you)



Boss hadn’t accepted my holiday request for two weeks time so have resubmitted it (presumably it sends the email again) by editing it and then adding a note ‘Hi [boss] not sure if you saw this. Cheers’. Still not accepted :worried:

Now I’m worried that the HR software has stopped sending emails or something and he actually has no idea that I’ve requested it. Which would mean I have to risk asking him directly about it and really soon :face_vomiting:

Tongs ya bass

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Decided it’s no work Tuesday evening so had fajitas, dog walk, now it’s bake off and sofa slump with some chocolonely.