Tuesday evening

Hi. Just ate some sausages. How are you?

Hi. Just ate some Brian Harvey Specials. Gonna have a cornetto in a minute. I’m very tired, how are you?

Posted in the day thread but I just want everyone to know I drink wine by the half pint like a mini Sam allardyce


Gonna go do my shopping like the maverick that I am.

Not too bad Funky my man, though the kiddo is awake and I think it’ll be a challenge to get him to sleep, so I’m gearing up.

Did you have a good day?

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Pizza is imminent, beer is present


Yeah it was ok, very busy and a bit stressful in parts but got quite a lot done.

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Pimminent bresent

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That calls for…. 2 cornettos!

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M just came home with the same type of stone i bought in the same museum 30 years ago.

Got Chinese on its way.

Why am i so grumpy again? Need a wine, a cuddle and someone to assassinate the magpie that is ruining my life.

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But look chocolate and biscuit toadstools


Bradford’s gonna be the next city of culture :partying_face:

Bar had just played Pavement > Sonic Youth > Belle and Sebastian


Awww man. Bad headache continues. Had a long sleep. No positives on 2 LFTs so am at 2nd work. Feel shite, no dinner! But do have some super noodles so maybe I will treat myself to some student meal.

Might get into that red wine and coke drink this summer

Or fernet and coke

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if you do, make sure you get box wine - its the only one that works.

*ferret and coke

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Ah I’ve never heard anyone mention carajillo outside of my Valencina friends