Tuesday Evening

Evening all!

Get amongst it.

I had jambalaya for tea made without tomatoes for some bizarre reason.

I’m planning to do some reading tonight while Wor Lass is watching The Strange Thingers.


Evening Keith!

To all the people who said you can’t have broccoli and beans together, WHAT’S THIS THEN?? The sausages are a breakwater.


Screaming Macaulay Culkin GIF by Home Alone

Home alone so gone for a pint then off to fat pats for a massive sandwich and chips.


They said it couldn’t be done…

The real quiz… would you do it again…

And the wine! :kissing: :ok_hand:

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This isn’t a choice I would have made but I’m glad you’re eating enough vegetables and enjoying them.

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Having chips and burgers for tea. Should be ok.

Then got to go pick R up from his school trip to London, buy dog food. Home and watch Courtney Barnett ofc.


Very restrained with the cheese there kerms xx


Just had a little snooze on the sofa. Nothing for tea, ate too much at dinner.
Might watch some shite film or something

Ate pizza

Came here

The 9yo is having a pretty full birthday


I absolutely would! Quite often shove a bit of broccoli on with my dinner just cause I like it so much.

The wine is really nice!! It’s a five pound something Sauvignon from Lidl and has an emu on the front and she’s lovely.

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Neighbour gave me a ton of tomatoes

But i needed to use some noodle ingredients up so this is dinner, will find a use for the toms tomorrow

Boring work related stuff


Put in for a tiny small business grant that’s all about ethical small traders and instantly been declined even though it took me 3 weeks to write it :smiling_face_with_tear:

Was sort of banking on that for advertising and whatnot. The other place I spoke to were like we’re here to help new ideas…oh but not that new sorry.

All those rich business folk who could just chuck me a few grand and not even notice AND THEY WONT



Veggie lasagna for dinner, which was nice

Later I’m doing my radio show that’s the one that isn’t on Dissonance Radio, but I’m just playing a mix I’ve been working on, so I don’t need to pay attention and the mixes between tracks will be perfect. I don’t mean to brag but it’s a very good mix

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have to play tennis tonight but I’m drunk so it might be difficult

do you think if I wear shades and a hat nobody will know?

Sorry to hear about the work shite. I’m sure the next iteration of gorilla/deaf institute etc would count as a new idea though :melting_face::face_with_peeking_eye:

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That wouldn’t be at all inconspicuous. It’s what all the tennis players wear.

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:smiley: it’s in the beans too. Had a diddy nub that needed using and it went further than anyone could have possibly predicted

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yeah, I thought so. Especially if I wear the hat backwards

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I’ve got Vietnamese takeaway coming and Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. Some might say that’s a bit excessive for a Tuesday night, but to them I would say: