Tuesday evening

Alright? Got jacket potatoes in the oven to go with leftover chilli for tea, then gonna watch some shit TV and possibly start a new book. Might wander down to Tesco for a treat or two you never know. What’s on?


Just finished work. Feel like standards are slipping a bit and I’m the one picking up the pieces and trying to both do my work and find the time to implement changes that make things easier to do for others but there just isn’t enough time in the day for it. Think I’m going to go for a head clearing walk and pick up a cheery up pizza on the way back.

Hi. Just finished myself. Pizzas and sides for tea as we need easy food. Day off tomorrow wooo


Watching Succession then I’m going to the pub to play chess

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Evening all :wave:

On my way back from Cannock via a very long train journey. One for @urbanfox or maybe others: I managed to catch a connection at Birmingham New Street that wasn’t listed on National Rail - 11 minutes between connecting trains. Are the minimum times longer for some stations than others? (I know it’s a thing for London trains but never seen it elsewhere)

Waiting to board plane 1 of our journey home

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Hey hey

Bills had his neutering done today so mainly stroking his nose and looking after him tonight.

Easy Mac cheese with peas for tea, bit of telly and we’re sleeping together in the lounge I think. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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safe travels :slight_smile:


making some dinner and listening to some tom waits. got a notion to go out for a walk after dinner.

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Had salmon, baby pots and veg for tea.

Gonna have a bit of ice cream and then watch the Wolves game later.


Yeah, think the standard is 5 minutes but some are higher or lower. New Street is about 15 minutes, which can be a pain when trying to plan a journey.

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Making carbonara with standard homemade pasta, new Dragons episode, maybe a horror too as we’re falling behind our goals

+1 for Jacket Potato dinner

Doing my non-dissonance radio show tonight, so that’ll keep me busy

Another one for the carbonara crew. Not with homemade pasta, however. Got a grocery order coming in a bit, should give the bathroom a clean once that’s sorted. That’s it I think.


I’m at a UFO meeting in Yorkshire :flying_saucer:


Evening all!

The Child and spent the late afternoon playing computer games.

Wor Lass made a curry and some spinach bread for tea. It was very good.

We’ll do some Bake off after bedtime. I get less interested in the whole thing with every series, especially because I find Matt Lucas really annoying in real life.

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So much this. Annoying af tbh. Still watch it because that’s what my wife watches

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Aww give Bill a scratch behind the ear from me. Cone of shame?

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Still hungry after dinner, so need to hunt a snack down. Will try and finish midnight club later, should be smart and pack a few things tonight but I’m sure I’ll leave that for the morning instead as usual.

Yeah, I don’t really care either way but she’s very keen.

I much prefer the BBC craft ones like Sewing Bee or Throwdown.

Didn’t love the jewellery or make up ones, and the jury is still out on Rap Game.

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Rompersuit :star_struck: