Tuesday evening

I have absolutely fucked my back. Can’t stand up straight, have to angle my body in a weird, probably very unhealthy, way just to get a modicum of pain relief. Hoping to lie flat for most of the night and hope it is a bit better by tomorrow. Guess this is what being 43 is like.

Anyway, what about yous? Any debilitation? Any good news?

Yo yo

Going running a 10k. Have to cycle half an hour to get there and back and it’s pishing it down, slight regret.

Have a bit of back twinge this week as it happens.

Working pretty late tonight and up very early. Why did I leave this work until the very last moment?! It’s the only way i know.

Can’t afford it but want a takeaway as a work reward - but what to have?


Hand is still a bit sore after doing some water lego yesterday. I’ve also got a bad chest and generally feel tired and a bit shit.

Ordered pizza for tea.

The dog is currently curled up on my lap, so that’s quite nice and kind of good news.

Evening all!

I’m also in the left-work-to-the-last-minute club but luckily I only have a handful of essays to feedback and it won’t take too long. I also don’t mind because I quite like reading these essays and offering feedback.

Tea was the GRT tarragon panzanella. It was very good (possibly better with tinned rather than jarred artichokes).


Had a nice relaxed say. Instead of going to the zoo because I have a sicky son, we went to my sister’s this afternoon. Kids are currently dressed up in princess outfits. Got some sort of Italian orzo Ragu stew thing in the slow cooker. Insta recipe, so hoping it’s as nice as it looks.

My dehumidifier is bust, so looking for a replacement and wondering if I can afford it.

Anyone got an issue with insta stories just flicking straight through without viewing?

Alright gang

Got home from work to find out that I’ll be buying us curry for dinner tonight. Right now I’m wondering if there’s anything delicious on the menu I haven’t tried yet, but chances are when I get there I’ll probably just order a chicken dopiaza or something I’ve had dozens of times before

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People in my neighbourhood are setting off fireworks again. I can cope with it being a few days a year (Diwali, Guy Fawkes, etc) but on and off non-stop during October/November is stressing me out so much.

Fucking knackered from a full day in court, got chicken burgers for dinner, might be asleep by 9, that is all.

Somehow found the motivation to go see cassels


Getting that good lidl pizza

Gone up to £4 now though :grimacing:

Saw these two at the supermarket just now.

I went for the Pritti Patel wine. It was left out of the cabinet, full of sour grapes and a high level of acidity.

:arrow_up: that’s the best I can come up with at the moment. I’m sure you guys can do better.


Tesco were out of lemons ffs

  • Make cocktail with lime instead
  • Go to second shop for a lemon

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How’d you manage that ma man?
I fucked my back a coupla months ago, was damn sore and felt useless. Of course I’m not going to say this’ll work for everyone but yoga and specific stretches helped clear mine up.

Certainly took a lot longer to heal than it used to, that’s just age I guess :grimacing::weary:

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Don’t make lemonade?


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I stood up wrong.

Rolled my ankle at football and played shite. Lovely.

Oatcakes for tea

Lol’d at this