Tuesday evening

Should be playing football but managed to lock myself out, wearing my cycle cleats, leaving my bag (with boots and keys) inside. Got about an hour to wait outside, good thing I’m in tights. Had an absolute fucking mare and a shite day to boot, tell me about your evenings please


Go pub/take yourself for a snack?

That’s a tough start to an evening - I hope you find somewhere warm to shelter.

Evening everyone else!

I’ve had a very unproductive day of working from home today, but I did move up a level of mercenary ranks on Assassin’s Creed so not all bad.

It’s really cold here so I’ve made bean chilli and nachos for tea. It was very good, as ever, and there are two big portions leftover.

No plans tonight, I reckon we might watch more of Pressure Cooker (is that what it’s called?) because we did two episodes last week and Wor Lass likes some trash TV.


Just back from a couple of (fine, not inspiring) flat viewings, logging back onto to a little more work but … not sure it’s happening

Hoping to tidy up my bombsite room soon then chicken burgers and entertainment later on

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No bike lock / walking in these shoes is a no go. Quick spin to keep warm though

Made an early dinner. Mapo Tofu. Fucking gorgeous

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I’ve done nursery and school runs today. I want a badge for my heroic effort. Wife does both at least once a week I have never done both before. Tea is up in the air although I have been promised it will be something good because the sacrifices I have made today.

Lying in bed with my leg propped up cos I pulled a calf muscle at work. Praying it’s not too bad, I don’t have time for this shit :frowning:

Just doing bedtime. Will have a shower after they’re in bed. Wife is out until 9ish at the school production of Matilda in the theatre in town, so I’ll be having some of beef casserole I made earlier and watching some rubbish TV.

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Snap. Ended up walking 11 miles doing both school runs and walking to and from the garage to drop and collect the car


Doing meatballs and spaghetti for tea.

Going to have a bath and then watch the football. Probably watch the second half in bed and hope there’s no extra time cos I’m up early early again tomorrow.

Once rhe weans are in bed, I’m planning a run but my gawd it is freezing out there. Currently a balmy 1c, reckon it’ll be 0 or -1 by the time i get out there.

Quite a rubbish day at work, management have made a really bad decision that me and a colleague are going to have to live with - totally senseless and infuriating.

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Very long day and now I am weary. Got cauliflower & broccoli cheese in the oven for tea and will probably just watch more X Files until bedtime. Quite tempted to have a beer but only got sludge wanker ones in.

The greenhouse is mildly warmer and has thick gardening gloves, BOSH


We’re such absolute heroes.

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I’m playing football and my boots/kit are in my bag.


Mine too

Oh my bag is next to me at my desk

Just ate pasta

Everyone should vote for Adam B in the Greatest Britons thread.

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