Tuesday evening

Evening DiS,

I worked far too hard today, and there’s going to be no let up tomorrow either. Tonight I’ll mainly be resting

Collected the plate I painted for my birthday today. This was taken in the tk maxx changing rooms- I would take a new photo but it currently has broccoli on it

I’ve not yet shown the cat as I fear she’ll be offended


Shite day well depressed atm but I’m having Heinz spaghetti and sausages for tea

Because you’ve painted a spider?

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KEITH!! it’s very true to life because she is DISABLED!! For shame!!

It’s following on in the series from thecoaster I did of her at Christmas

Decided in 2023 I’ll be really leaning into the childless, single, cat lady millennial trope


I’m pooped - decided to go from work straight onto (switching between working on) a freelance project (and making music). I gots ta eat some food now

I love both of these more than words can express

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I’m sorry for being mean - it was meant in jest!

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:smiley: oh no not at all, I was kidding! She is a bit spidery

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Evening, very glad I batched cook a few things in the slow cooker at the weekend as the kitchen is cold and work is draining. Peanut butter chicken curry and the sofa awaits.

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Got a bit of shampoo in my eye. Look like I’m evil now. Big red eye

Sounds delicious

Is tasty, easily eat a bigger portion. There’s another one that involves sweet potato that’ll need to try out.


Been on my own in a hotel in Belfast all day because I didn’t want to admit to work I’d booked my travel a day early.


Oh dear I’ve found his Mixcloud.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

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Had chicken, pesto and pea rissotto again with a big roasted sweet potato.

And??? How is the plethora of piano house?

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Watching Support the Girls yet again, drinking a bev, gonna crack a choc bar soon

Put so much chilli powder in with my noodles, will probably be the end of me. Good though.

The cat protection league (I think) does a craft thing each month where you pay like £15-20 quid and they send you the stuff to do a cat related craft fyi

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