Tuesday evening

It’s evening now


Insurance company have said they’ll pay for us to stay in an airbnb while our flat is being dried :tada:


Doing some crochet in the garden then heading out to see the wizard :man_mage:


We have booked one that’s a 10 minute walk away which is just as well because we’ve just been for a look to find the “on site parking” that the listing said existed, and it turned out to be the shitty looking multistory over the road that I don’t really want to leave my car in for a week

This is nice, what is it going to be?

WFH so haven’t been doing much besides listening to dub all day. Think mostly inspired by @riverwise pick for his top 100 today.

Augustus Pablo- East of the River Nile/Eastman Dub
Upsetters- Super Ape
Mikey Dread- WWIII
Joe Gibbs and the Professionals- African Dub Chapters 3, 4
Big Youth- Screaming Target

Good day.


Ah just the usual granny stripe jumper for M. I loved the yarn but there were only 2 left so it may have odd sleeves once i get to them

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Going for a walk to the shop to get a bulb of garlic.

Really tricky start to the evening. Managed to leave my jacket plus the eldest’s phone on the platform at Leeds :frowning: only realised this about five minutes out of Leeds. My poor eldest :sob: we’re just about calm and having a second attempt at getting to Halifax.

If anyone heading that way sees an old Motorola phone with a boomer style cover then DM me :pray:

that’s the good stuff right there! Hope you are washing it down with a Coors or two

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I tried to be all enigmatic playing some weird music I made down the phone but I think I ruined the vibe by saying “helloooo” in a really shy and borderline adorable way


The phone turned up :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

In Sheffield of all places!

Presuming it changed at Euston


And we got here in time for Ethel Cain :heart_eyes:

Tried to only eat one Wispa Gold but ate three. Sorry!


Bit of an anxiety evening - skipped drinks with a friend, annoyed at myself for that. Got decisions to make and plenty of tidying to be done and tbh should do more work. But I’ll manage, just need to focus for a change!

Then cocktail and faux magnum as a treat

My washing machine broke down and it’s taking time to get a new one (Landlord doesn’t live in the country and might be reluctant to buy me another new washing machine after the last one was utterly destroyed by a falling water tank in 2019 so I’m washing clothes at my neighbours.

Three people today have commented on the weather here today saying “typical English weather, huh?”

It’s been 33/34 degrees all day today up until about two hours ago, since when there have been raging storms. I feel like replying “no, not typical English weather it’s way too hot” but it’s been so long since I spent a summer day in the UK so I didn’t reply. Is this typical English weather?


  • Pasta
  • Oven pizza
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At work. Just having my break in these luxurious surroundings

Had a vegetable patty, a bag of cheese and onion and a bottle of irn bru for dinner.

Wife has been baking lemon drizzle cake this afternoon so looking forward to a bit of that when I get home at 1am.

The TV is away with work for a week

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