Tuesday evening 🌬

Good evening, you beauties!

A day of wfh and parenting, which was tricky and hard to say if either was successful.

Today is a very special day in the @asa household. That’s right, it’s ‘new steam iron’ day.

Now, I know this will generate more questions than it’s answered, so let me address it right at the top; it’s a Philips Azur. Thank you, thank you :man_bowing:


It’s fucking freezing.

Evening all :wave:

It’s very much autumn isn’t it? The barbecue cover blew off in the wind and is nestled in the hedge. Probably should go and retrieve it at some stage.

Managed to give myself an electric shock on a lightbulb that I didn’t realise wasn’t working. First time I’ve ever had an electric shock. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Plans for tonight: tea, Netflix, praying that I’ll finally get a decent night’s sleep on the fourth time of asking.


Tights are on

Leg shaving season is over :star_struck:

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Off to play football

Brian Harvey Special is back on the menu for Autumn baby!


My god these pork belly bites done in the air fryer are superb, especially when paired with my new sauce


I’ve had to get my blanket out fs.


Hello. Feeling all rosy about my job. Is nice. Got in, had dinner with the kids (a baked aloo gobi)…

Put the kids to bed and now vegging on the sofa. Might freshen up in a sec as I’m feeling very windswept


I am so so glad you’ve found a job you love.


Hella rainy, saw a flat that wasn’t worth it (and was a sty), massage place was fully shuttered even though I’d manage to book a place online

Gonna make toad in the hole and red onion gravy now

Feels like winter already

Thx bbz. Won’t always be like today. But really gotta make the most of it when it is.


Really busy but really great day at work. Finished a presentation and the client (a brand new one) told us that if she could she would hug us because she loved the work so much. Another client got in touch to say they were completely blown away by a piece of print they had delivered. A third actually paid us!

Now drinking a beer (and working because I don’t seem to have any time to myself anymore).

Cold isn’t it! Great time to remember that our radiators broke and we didn’t bother doing anything about it because it was nearly spring :slight_smile:


Lady in my pilates class earlier said the wind at the Needles was 75mph this afternoon


Bike was stolen outside my house during the day yesterday. Just need to check with my neighbours, as they have a video doorbell, before I report the crime, mark it as ‘stolen’ on BikeRegister, then submitting an insurance claim.

What a hassle





It was my hybrid bike (weighs >20kg) and it was locked to itself. So some enterprising toe rag picked it up and carted it either to a van or a canal :unamused:

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Having a wine and being glad I’m on the sofa and not out in this weather.

Really need to sort out the house before my dad comes over in November but…. That’s November innit :joy::face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yeah. Was fucking windy out there today