Tuesday evening 🌬

It’s bollocks I’m afraid

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that’s a shame, but predictable

was thinking it’d be nice to just refresh my memories or something

can’t imagine what it’s like for there to be footage of you when you were a kid

like, photos are one thing, video though?

can’t comprehend what it’s like to be a modern child and for there to be endless videos, and to be shown them all the time too

like, a handful of captured moments feels like a heartbreakingly precious thing, but it feels like the constant visual documentation of children’s lives maybe steals something from them, as if their self-image is remembered and defined by the lense of the other


Think you could make the same argument about photos, and people probably did. Before that, idk, mirrors. There are probably negative effects on kids that can be traced to social media, but I’d guess not to the existence of videos per se