Tuesday: Evening


I’m very bored and I don’t even have any snacks. Talk to me, people.


Hey WR. I ate some Icelandic chocolate earlier (with bits of sea salt caramel in it) and it was delicious. Nothing major planned for the evening!

I was thinking about poppies earlier, which made me in turn think of Barthes and then in turn, our shared lecturer!


you missed our pizza discussion earlier. i ate a dominos, i feel gross like you!!!1*



Evening wr!

Wor Lass baked shortbread this afternoon before I got home. My flat has multiple snack sources.


Just told my boyfriend that I think I’d like to spend some time apart for a bit. I’m scared.


Think I’m going out for Japanese food for the 5th straight night of birthday celebrations of my flatmate
My eyes are falling out


And I feel like the worst person in the world for suggesting it.


Good luck Tilly. Takes no small amount of courage to do that sort of thing. How did he take it? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t feel like it, obvs).

@ericthefourth What kind of Dominos was it?



Just about to leave the office. Think I might grab some beers on the way home. Got some leftover chilli and salad for dinner. Will probably spending the evening watching a movie and looking through some pictures I got developed earlier.


Snacks wise I think I have some popcorn in the cupboard :slight_smile:


I just made the mistake of going to Tesco absolutely starving and I’ve now got ALL the snacks. Best of all is this magnificent discovery, Black Forest cookies.


@whiterussian it was a roma, was pretty whatever but gotta say im quite taken with this tiny bottle of chilli oil

now got a pint coz a local brewery has set up in the canteen. result.


had a very small coop pizza a little earlier. from their best of range, or some shit. only bought it as it was reduced from £3.00 - £1.79

it wasn’t very big at all. probably the size of two size 9 feet pushed together. greasy as fuck, wasn’t it




Just been for a run (17km), gonna have some fish fingers and hash browns for tea cos I’m lazy and 7 years old.

After that gonna practice my Japanese then go to bread watching the election results.


Jeg prøv å hilse på dig på norsk. Faktisk jeg kan ikke snakke Norsk. Det er lett å lese, hvis man snakke Tysk og har en ordbok.

(Hvis man snakke Tysk? Hvis man Tysk snakke? Grammatikk :confused:)


Hope everything works out for the best. You shouldn’t feel bad for being honest, stuff is tough but usually works out alright in the end


not very well, but i didn’t either really. I thought it would be ok, then I heard him at the other end of the phone and completely broke down. seriously wondering whether or not i’ve done the right thing now.


yeah, what he said. I don’t know the particulars of this situation, but being in a relationship that is dead in the water is the absolute pits. no good for either party. best to sever all ties as quick as possible. the default setting for most is to trot out the ‘yeah, but we’ll still be friends’ bullshit. no you wont. one or other will lose their shit eventually (usually when one starts re-dating) and drag all the horrible crap back up again. and so will begin a protracted stream of absolute bullshit which will almost certainly make one or the other completely resent the other. or something.

best of luck anyway


Snakker tysk! :slight_smile:

I don’t speak any German at all but when I read it I can understand loads. Understand loads of words when people speak it as well but having never actually learned any, I can’t speak it myself.


Yeah I’m the same, but I think it’s easier to go in the other direction as German grammar is way more complicated, so it feels really nice and comfortable because there are fewer tricky rules.