Tuesday Eveninggggggg


gonna go to the gym in a bit later on, and then maybe watch a little bit of nba basketball. found out i’m ineligible for a job i wanted to apply for because i’ve lived out of the country for too long. that sucks.


Today has been a full day of wanting to smash things

Gonna eat a burger

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what’s the go-to burger restaurant in sweden?

Been to view another house. So expensive for the state of it. Madness. Gonna give kiddo a bath and put her to bed, then have butternut squash soup for tea.

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Been lounging by the pool getting drunk all afternoon. Currently watching the ring knecked parakeets go about their late afternoon fairs.

did you go to the dino?

Well, I’m homeburgering atm

Dunno about a consensus around burger places - it varies so much - but my go to is the Prime Burger lunch special

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Yeah, we hit up the Dino on Sunday evening for some sober entertainment. A wonderful time was had, as I’m sure you can imagine. Need to head back actually for some better sun cream and maybe some aloe vera cream to fix up the slightly ineffective ‘spf30’ we’ve relied on thus far.


listening to this



Gave Mrs F her anniversary present a day early cause she needed cheering up

  • Just the card tomorrow and maybe a nice meal is sufficient
  • Ha! You naive fool now you’re going to have to sneak out at sunrise and get another official present!

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don’t really understand what I’m looking at here

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Evening all,

In Edinburgh for a fancy networking soirée ce sour. Couldn’t be fucked with trying to get last train/taxi home so am currently having a drink in my hotel bar.

This suit is a tad tighter than I recall it being. :thinking:

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tahts the joooooook

Still considering whether to drag myself out to the coast to see Ada Lea but also I’m still technically at work waiting for something to be signed off although I just gone home and I’m even cooking dinner now, feel bad for all my colleagues in London still in the actual office. It’s still cold and miserable out tho.

Quite happy cos I managed to get my partner a birthday present that was (a) sold out online last week (b) sold out instore over the weekend when I checked, but mysteriously one copy was for sale online earlier. Probably a stock error that won’t turn up or something.

I see.

its one of those pictures that someone’s made where everything is deliberately nondescript and unrecognizable.