Tuesday Eveninggggggg

Well ibwas having fun but apparently I’m not allowed to listen to Jamiroquai for some unknown reason

You know those moments the really test the strength of your relationship? I offered 'er indoors a bit of my pizza and she managed to knock half a pizza onto the floor.

Good thing I’ve got one and a half pizzas left and am still going to eat the floor pizza when she leaves, obviously


Tonight I shall be mainly be drinking this

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Bottle of baileys, in the fridge for about 3 months. Ok to drink?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’ll eat/drink anything so my vote is void

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Hello! I have a bad migraine flare up! On bonfire night! Which means I am doubly hypersensitive to noise! Been having palpitations for the last couple of hours!

Need to find music to cover the firework sounds which isn’t going to make my head feel worse, so fsr can’t find anything thst doesn’t sound shrill and thumpy :frowning:

Thank fuck for the screen dimming app I have so I can look at the screen and finish raffle prep without searing pain entering through my eyes.

…and talking of the raffle, any last minute donations please remember the deadline is in 16 hours from now:


just ate an absolutely banging orange.

Evening all. Got off the train, got to where my bike was parked, thought “shit, my gloves are on the train”, sprinted back to the train, searched on the carriage, couldn’t find them, then realised the gloves were in my bag all along. :+1:


Feel better soon FL! X

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Ooh, good shout :+1:

Now just the matter of choosing which Hammock…

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Basically if I was Kermo I’d be able to spin this into a cracking anecdote

maybe the real gloves were the ones we already had in our bag along the way


Greeeeeat, the guy on the all inc pool bar is now workimg the evening bar and he has a RIGHT face on and has probqbly tallied exactly how much we’ve been riding the drinks.


can you confirm that there is free, but watered down booze where you’re staying?

All inclusive means all inclusive


Tough old day but at home now for cups of tea and the big match.

Still teary mind. Might need a chocolate or two.


laughing again at how that cruise had to make an emergency diversion due to a brawl caused by a clown entering the dining room


I presume so. Had a few g&ts earlier and have since been on the wine. The wine bottles are sealed wine bottles but mark my words, it’s not great…


Neu! are the perfect mushrooms band.

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