Tuesday Eveninggggggg

Hello! Back off a little band tour, we played in Sheffield, Glasgow and Leicester and had a nice time.

Watched His Dark Materials which made me a bit emotional to finally have my favourite books realised to their true potential.

Tonight I’m gonna eat a stir fry, watch mad men and also Peanut Butter Falcon.

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Bonus content: here I am eating one of my small children


mate is coming over for his birthday on thursday (surprise organized by his gf). also acting as the swansong of my time here -

  • forget the diet for 5 days, just enjoy the luxury
  • no, hold strong

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I don’t do compromise very well.

i mean, how else do you eat a scotch egg?


This has been raised and dealt with in the correct manner.

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Got a report to write before midnight that I cba with. Had a bang bang chicken salad followed by a cherry and almond sponge with custard and I’m trying to stop myself eating the second one. Will no doubt watch the Liverpool game too. Can’t remember if I’ve actually booked flights or hotels for tomorrow I’m that confused with all my trips.

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All these shit little backyard fireworks displays are freaking my cat the hell out. Don’t know why people do this

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Went to M&S for vegan pizza(s) and then the Aldi next door for lebkuchen. Couldn’t find any, so got a cookie dough pie and some Tangfastics, then I found the lebkuchen but couldn’t be arsed putting the other stuff back so now I’ve got four desserts.

Could be a big, big night in.

  • Tory gastropub option with a soft boiled egg in the middle that you need to eat with a knife and fork otherwise you’ve got egg dribbling down your chin
  • Just a normal scotch egg, mate, I’m going to eat it like an apple

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made scotch eggs a couple of times. an amazing faff but pretty banging

I need a new job. I’ll be your PA if you like.

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I’d happily switch jobs with you

Couldn’t find my post there and was worried I’d posted this in the politics thread.

Holiday going well?

never had an easier choice than this

classier gift:

  • try of guylian belgian chocolates
  • ferrero rocher

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How are you at carrying compost to rich ladies’ cars?

Would be happy with either

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Ferrero Rocher are for actual ambassadors.