Tuesday; eveningtime.

Alright? I’m hot and tired and cba doing anything much. Got jacket potatoes in the oven for some Brian Harvey Specials and gonna help my wife with some writing stuff and then hopefully it’ll be bedtime.

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It’s been a lovely, likely last day of summer in the Ribble Valley. Just going round to my mum’s for some Spag Bol :slight_smile:


Evening all :wave:

Spent a bit too long today in the hot sun / in a hot car so I’m quite looking forward to a cool shower and a change of clothes. Been a busy day. I’m still finishing off some work bits. During the course of our clearout, Mrs CCB unearthed the game Hungry Hippos which had been sitting in a cupboard unused for a couple of years. The girls love it; however when they play Hunry Hippos it sounds like their bedroom floor might cave in. It’s one way to delay the sale of our house, I guess!


Alright folks? Went out (!) and got my first proper haircut since last March after I finished work.

Forgot the football was on so might get a takeaway instead of cooking.

Had a horrible session tutoring, very uncooperative child and it took every skill I have to get through it. Almost lost my temper at one point because of the sheer insubordination but I held it together :sleepy: lots of respect for parents, kids are hard work

Had an interview for my job today. It went fine but I’m not gonna get it.

Are some Chinese food and watching That Thing You Do. Cat on my lap. Not bad.

need to go for a run but it’s quite hot outside

Having a beer in the garden and listening to the Isleys

Just fished 4 little flies out of my beer though (they branched the beer matt defences). So I might go inside in a mo

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Did this for an hour and a half


Still got 4hrs of flipping work to flipping get through


Might have an AF beer later, after I’ve put the recycling out


:wave: :wave: had a really stressful day but going to try to completely switch off now.
Currently enjoying a Dorset craft cider and listening to music

Oh, bought tickets to see Cabaret with Jessie Buckley next year so that’s good actually


i’m gonna get druuuuuuunk!


Having a curly fries and burgers tea.

Then it’s a bonza coconut and pineapple ice lolly courtesy of m and s SO GOOD

Then bit of work and telly I 'spose.


Evening all!

I made some crispy tofu stir fry and it was good.

Wor Lass and The Child fell out on the way home so I’m trying to prevent further escalation of hostilities.

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:sob: :sob: :sob:


Had a nice couple of hours in the sun on my bike this morning. Lazed around all afternoon.

Forgot to get the prawns out of the freezer for our planned dinner, so had to break out the emergency pizzas instead. Ice cream van has just been round - had a Mr whippy rolled in sherbert for pudding.

Gonna take the small, furry animal for a walk once it cools down a little bit.

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Their faces :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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bliss :relaxed:

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