Tuesday; eveningtime.

4 pints in the sun after work Gonna have some pierogi for tea, watch some sopranos and fall asleep :sleeping:

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Went at midday, fucking boiling and it’s only got hotter :hot_face:

i’d love to go get drunk as today’s been a fucker but instead i’m going to demonstrate my incredible will power and have a glass of water :slight_smile:


was grim, took it easy

Going to see Teenage Fan Club with a mate.

MDH is going to be warm, not sure how much they can ventilate it.

Think both of us are a bit wary. Not going to see the support as not sure how long I want to be stood in there.


Off work tomorrow so had 3 beers.

Going to get formally married tomorrow afternoon.




where can I invest my life savings in zoopuntos

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ah, a man of culture


its what the Italians listen to when they’re eating their pizzas.


conducting business, making love etc.


ate two tiwsters!

also saw some sheep this afternoon, they looked really sweaty

I’m just watching.

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exhausting day. wasn’t the heat that did it.

heard from the other person who also got traumatised by the former friend who completely ruined me last year. feels more clear now how selfish, nasty and damaged said former friend is.

shook me up to revisit, though, literally left me shaking, and dredged up triggering stuff I’d been slowly gaining distance from.

then I had to look after my nieces whilst my sister had a hospital appointment, which is something that’s overwhelming at the best of times when my sister’s actually there.

just beyond spent.

I deliberately time months off the booze to coincide with the stress points of my year. It makes it harder to give into the temptation of midweek beers.

I’m really looking forward to some drinks at the end of the month though.


I’m wondering if I have a touch of heatstroke.

Feeel really really tired, bloaty and a bit hazy. Have drunk some water but might just have to call an early night.

Been getting overrun by daddy long legs the last few nights.

Irritating, pointless creatures.

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the prospect of an album of unreleased Kid A / Amnesiac sessions appeals to me, but I’m too knackered from work to muster up the requisite hype, ya know

this is why surprise announcements don’t work

also I have limited space and just want the b-sides comp on its own pls

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