Tuesday Eveningtime

Had to cancel going to see health as the wife isn’t well and didn’t want to leave her to cope with potential child bedtime issues on her own.

Youngest has started being a dickhead when going to bed on a regular basis again. She goes through phases where i swear she is a riot 80% of her whole day and she is just coming out of one of those phases but has now started causing bedtime issues to make up for it. Exhausting.



Coconut cream and an amount of water. [Seasoning]. Bring it to the boil, turn it down, stick a lid on and leave it til it’s done. Chuck the peas in at the end.

Probably the coconut that makes it stodgy tbf.

Cadbury’s has removed small Twirls from some Heroes chocolate boxes due to disruption in its supply chain, the confectionary giant said.

Some tubs will now come with two full-sized Twirl bars, rather than the usual miniature ones.

Some tubs will now come with two full-sized Twirl bars, rather than the usual miniature ones.

Some tubs will now come with two full-sized Twirl bars, rather than the usual miniature ones.


Last of the lamb ragu for me.


Found it :relaxed:

Yeah reckon that’s right, but man that sounds tasty

Could just be bad at cooking rice. This meal is the only time I ever cook rice from scratch rather than just chucking one of those packets in the microwave.

Watching Falling For Christmas. Its shite

Sending hugs rudeboy. Am watching O Brother Where Art Thou. Would recommend as a way of avoiding the sads.


Ah, just trying to organise a family holiday next summer and realising we can’t afford it :upside_down_face::cry:. And this is causing family issues now apparently.

Thanks man.

Plus I’ve spattered curry over a white t-shirt decanting it and then a beer has just exploded over me when I opened it. So yeah, fun.

There’s a filter on booking.com for pay on arrival - might give you time to save for accommodation

Plus, DiS rainy day fund is there for nice things not just necessities :heart:


Ah, this is more around ferry crossings and spending money more than accommodation costs. It’ll be a camping holiday

My wife’s outgoings are more than her income, so I’m supplementing her with £200pm atm. We can’t save as it is without adding on that. Plus a rent increase, passports for the kids, a new non leaking tent as we’ll be avec kids, energy costs rising as my fixed tariff ends in Jan. This is apparently an issue for my family.

Ah that sucks. I get some small discounts on some travel places through work so i can always take a look if it’d be any help and circumstances change at all for you.

Otherwise, I’m always up for house swaps as a change of scenery!

Hey up

Bake off final isn’t it

Got Jaffa cakes at the ready. And tea obvs.

Cold isn’t it?

Almost time to switch from shorts to lounge pants in the house I think.

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V and mrS still in shorts

I’m on thermals, jumper, big socks and a blanket.


Yeah I know. I really don’t know what to do. Told them flat out that we can’t afford it. They’ve offered to pay for ferry crossing and pitch costs. We can’t get through the month without resorting to something going on a credit card as it is. Even with the reduced holiday costs, 2 kids passports will be £100+, petrol will be £300, spending money for 2wks could be £750+. Just don’t see us saving that money up. It’s put me in a right shit mood as its my fault, even though I’m giving 9mths notice and honest about the reason why.

Thanks for the offer though. This place is lovely