Tuesday Eveningtime

Depressed today.

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We had (not) chicken burgers, oven chips and peas. Was alright

Telly and constantly hoping for snow day tomorrow now

Chorizo stew is good

TM and sopranos probs

My wife is wishing for one too (ofsted innit).

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Great, washing machine that was sorted yesterday is playing up again :upside_down_face:

Urgh. God hope it all goes well for her x

So do i

Got home and put my PJs on and realized I’ve had my dress on back to front all day. I’ve taught two seminars and had two meetings. :laughing:


Meant to be in London for the weekend from Friday

Done zero prep or planning. Fuck sake man

Don’t think there’s anything open unfortch

What am I like eh

Been out for Thai food, split a platter and a few dishes. Stand out one was Khoong Phat Ma Kham - Fried prawns in a thai tempura batter covered with a caramelised tamarind sauce, served on a bed of beansprouts and shredded carrots. Garnished with crispy shallots and roasted chilies.

Back to crash on the sofa. Need to find something to watch.

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Need to find a proper place for this now :slight_smile:


On the wall I reckon.


Some nice stuff on there. Was looking to see if they had any London/south east slogans. ‘Fack off you facking cant’ etc

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A wall in the Lake District imho

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Shit first half. Seeking comfort from some old pals.



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Does he also refuse to eat a higher quality brand of beef pate for absolutely no reason?

Very expressive our bones tho