Tuesday Eventide

It’s been a decent day, as it happens.

Having a quiet pint in Berkhamsted. Maybe one more then home for a bath and read in bed.

How’s about you?

Regale me with tales of food, viewing, drink and mewing.

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hi he_2!

I’ve just had chickpea dahl stuff with a naan and some mango chutney, very nice!

As far as drink goes I’m just enjoying a cold glass of Ribena

That dinner sounds A++ Bammers :+1:

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Been ill and puking up last few days so taking it slow with a dominos cheesburger pizza to ease me back in

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Sounds eminently bland and sensible. Good luck!

It’s finally quiet enough on the train to get away with eating an apple. Don’t like eating noisy food when it’s busy.



Just had stilton and broccoli soup for tea. Got sticky toffee pudding for afters!

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Hiiiiyaaaaa :wave:

With you there, ccb. I have to scoff my crisps on the way home before Leighton Buzzard, usually, if I’m feeling peckish on the way home.

That sounds pretty heroic as well!

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D&D night :nerd_face:


It was really foggy on the drive home, couldn’t see that far ahead.

I was planning on going to see Whyteleafe v Cray Wanderers. I still could but I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it. I might just have a lazy evening as tomorrow is my 12 hour shift.

I wouldn’t be suprised if the football gets postponed due to fog anyway.

I was thinking about going to King’s Langley v Met Police, but the long wait for the train home has put me off.

Evening all,

I’ve got a glass of vinho verde on the go. I wasn’t going to drink this week, but then my manager arranged a meeting in Kent next Tuesday which goes on much later than I’d like. I’m getting this feeling that my work/life balance is starting to reflect her interpretations rather than mine, I mean If I’m actually going to have to spend an adult amount of time working, I’d rather do something that interests me. …which is now the second moaning work related post I’ve made today. Just thankful I’ve got Drug Church to look forward to on Friday.

Dinner will consist of more of Sunday’s leftovers with more veg, which will be delicious.

Happy eving.

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I don’t really have an excuse as it’s only a mile walk. Just knackered and in a weird mood.

Evening! Followers of my mushroom on toast thread will be pleased to know I made… mushrooms on toast! Bloody hell how have I never made this before it’s incredible. Cut the bread a bit thick and will need to come up with a lower fat version as there’s a bit too much Boursin in there but oh god :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Happy at least it’s not bloody Monday!

I have massive anxiety because I’ve still not finished my work appraisal :frowning:

Went to the library earlier and got out three more books. I just want to read all the books. Wish someone would pay me to read (good)books.

More roast leftovers for dinner tonight. Probably gonna play some Carcassonne.

Just been reminded I’ve got a video call (urgh) with a wedding photographer at 8 this evening.


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I absolutely abhor mushrooms but this whole plate looks really good, bet it’s delicious iyltkot!