Tuesday Food Day Cont.....(Sweet Potato Toast!)

look i know what you’re thinking

mashed sweet potato on some toast, right?

oh no no no

people are putting slices of sweet potato IN the toaster and that is the toast. You then top it with whatever you want.

what. is. wrong. with. people.

How much would you pay for this meow?

what a world!

I was expecting something closer to a sweet potato hash than just a toasted slice.

I wouldn’t pay for this.

WTF is this.

Using an avocado as a bun?!?!?


Won’t the potato be a little bit raw?

To be fair, I’d rather eat grilled sweet potato (with a topping) than mashed sweet potato on toast.

(But of course, neither of these comes close to proper toast)

This is all completely fucking stupid.

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I can’t imagine a toaster would cook a slice of sweet potato to an edible state.

And avocados as buns… has to be some sort of conceptual thing, like a pastiche of instagram food, not a meal anyone would actually eat, right?

I’m not saying no

Just watched the vid. You have to keep toasting them.

Seems a bit needy.

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So (not watching that ffs) does it go crispy all the way through? Sounds weird.

Why? Why would you even do this?