Tuesday Football



Big Champions League kickoff tonight then. Dunno who’s playing though, Arsenal for sure, Leicester vs Brugge maybe?

Lukaku scored a hat-trick really quickly last night didn’t he.


Feel like the “classy Pirlo” thing has really jumped the shark


I’ve taken Janet Jazz Jazz Jam out my FPL team. It’s over :’(


Wolf vs Dog at the Molineux tonight

I fancy going, not been to any midweek football for a while, but not sure I can be arsed battling the traffic to get there after work.


is there a DiS fantasy football thing?




Both Arsenal and PSG have had a slightly rocky start, but league/cup form can often be quite different. I think it’s a tough one to call, but what do we think will go wrong for Arsenal tonight?

A) Injuries to one or more players - all bets on Mustafi.
B) Red card.
C) Giroud starts.
D) Dodgy penalty decision goes against them.
E) Going a goal ahead then losing 2-1.
F) Rob Holding explodes.


Dodgy penalty AGAINST?!


See point E


Not sure how great of a manager Unai Emery is really, especially in terms of the league. Would be nice if that meant there was something of a title race in France

But he seems to have European football sussed out - be interesting if he can apply that to PSG. Basically a club a step above Sevilla competing in a competition a step above


Paris St G vs Arsenal
Barcelona vs Celtic
Man City vs B M’gladbach
Basel vs Ludo Razgd
Benfica vs Besiktas
Dynamo Kiev vs Napoli
Bayern Mun vs FC Rostov
PSV Eindhoven vs Atl Madrid

  • PSG vs. Arsenal
  • Barcelona vs. Celtic
  • Manchester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Pretending to watch a different game

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edged my acca like a tough guy


Dunno if anyone’s interested (almost certainly not) but this kind of sums up the problem I have with Coquelin as mentioned the other day, whilst being a bit more praiseworthy of him that I would be http://arseblog.com/2016/09/tactics-column-looking-coquelins-role-vs-southampton/

Hope to god we play with a Xhaka/Elneny or Xhaka/Cazorla midfield today.


probably watch City. definitely one of the most watchable/interesting teams in Europe and Gladbach will probably give a decent game

Have that BT goals show on as well, i’ve missed that


If they keep this up all season, I might start supporting Wolves…


It’s a full set. They commissioned the fella to do one for every League game.


I hope they do a book at the end of the season with all of the covers in. That’d be nice.


Think I’m gonna go to the Milan derby in November lads.


clean :relaxed:


saw ac roma last year it was fucking sick, best stadium i have ever been to!

enjoy :slight_smile: