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Does anyone (Ant?) know anything about David Sumpter? He’s doing a talk on football (football!) in Sheffield and I might go but I dunno if he’s any good.

Any footy on today?

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Tuesdevening Threadning?

Turns out it’s EFL Cup week. Leicester - Chelsea probably the pick tonight


Fuck you pal I did a screenshot of fixtures and everything


I read a fair bit of Soccernomics and found it pretty interesting but also thought it was verging on knocking the joy out of the game so didn’t finish it. I imagine a talk by him would be fairly interesting if you’re into numerical analysis of the game in any way.


I’ll probably end up going, cheers


A repeat of Saturday’s EFL fixture in the EFL Cup tonight for the Wolfs.

I’m guessing Zenga will play an entirely different team to the weekend and we’ll get spanked.



  • Roytingham Forest
  • Hatfoodsenal

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I hope this happens.

I’m a bit tired of Newcastle going out of cup competitions early.


Pep confirms Yaya Toure won’t play for City again. Good. Should have been binned off somewhere two summers ago.

At the same time, a bona fide club legend, arguably our most important ever signing, a true match-winner regularly, and at his absolute peak the most devastating box-to-box midfielder the Premier League’s seen.

Few will agree, but when people talk about the absolute elite midfielders of our modern era - Vieira, Keane, Scholes, Lampard, Gerrard (probably in that order), Toure’s name should be included. For me he was better than at least the last two.


No argument here fella, he was absolutely absurd on his day in his prime.


Pretty incredible that he scored 20 in a league season one year. Would’ve won player of the year if Suarez hadn’t had the best indicividual PL season ever. Think I’d put Lampard above him just because of how incredibly consistent he was, and how obviously he made the absolute most of his natural ability (moreso than any other player I can think of off the top of my head). The more I think about it, the more similar I realise Gerrard and Yaya were (are?)


Toure is better than Gerrard was IMHO.


thought it was pretty weird when he left Barca as he offered them something different in midfield and was tearing up La Liga teams with ease.

I wouldn’t say he was better than Lampard or Gerrard because his stint at the top was far shorter and I don’t think he offered City as much in terms of leadership and defensive work. But yeah, definitely up there.


I’ve always thought it a bit weird that people point out his lack of defensive work but rarely do other midfielders. It’s probably because he at least spent time playing purely as a holding midfielder, and even a centre-half, but part of it’s almost certainly down to his physique as well. Folk assume he should work harder than comparable players. I don’t know how good Scholes or Lampard were defensively, or even Gerrard week in, week out. I’ve described Toure as box-to-box above, and he was, but at his absolute best he was given licence further forward.


Probably racism


just been having a look at the records of a few of the players mentioned. Lampard scored 10+ league goals for 10 seasons in a row, and 20 + in all competitions for 6 in a row. That’d be a pretty impressive record for a striker




Absolute blooter from Seluk there. Good lad.


Loving that line


Jose is in real trouble if the top 6 get 10-12 points each from their next 5…


I don’t think it’s so much the points situation (yet), more the fact that you could easily imagine Liverpool giving them a proper seeing to at Anfield on current form