Tuesday Footers


this allardyce thing is the best thing to happen all year :’)


Sherwood for manager!


All this for a pound?


Perfect storm just before an International week, let it build for a few days then boom next week shit everywhere

Top Top Journalism for me


Is he gonna get sacked then?


the telegraph have shot their load far too early, no way the fa can sack him now.

he’ll just get a bollocking from whatever bellend is in charge at the FA at the moment (still greg dyke?? it’s very hard to keep track), then he’ll get binned off after russia if they’re still annoyed about it


Can’t ever think of him without thinking of this tweet and I’m not unhappy about that:


just love that after the whole bungs thing, big Sam is still in the game.


I think he can ride it out, unless this starts a string of other allegations!


weird that managers don’t get STUNG more often, these kind of dodgy dealings are obviously how fergie put his kids and grandkids through college


Big Sam? More like Bent Scam, right guys?


I was thinking before about whether there had ever been a successful England manager. Ramsey won the World Cup, sure, but like Venables greatly benefitted from us hosting a tournament, and (unlike Venables who wisely moved on) seriously underachieved afterwards. Robson obviously warrants a mention due to successive World Cup quarter and semi-finals, but underachieved in two European Championships.

I came to two conclusions. Firstly that no, there has never been an obvious success in the role (as much as winning a World Cup now seems an impossibility), and secondly that Eriksson’s tenure may have been harshly judged. Three major tournaments, three quarter finals, three competitive defeats in six years, two of those down to personal errors (Gerrard v France and Seaman v Brazil).

Obvious mercenary and a bit of a questionable human, sure, but given what went before and has come after we should look back on Sven’s tenure as our relative salad days…even if we had arguably our strongest ever squad, at a time when several other major nations were in periods of transition.



I think any way you look at it, winning the World Cup on home soil is a success.

I loved Eriksson though





Collapses through door, panting and sweating

More like… Bung Slam


Aye, I’m amazed nothing was dug up with a few of the deals in his later years. The Bebe, Zaha and Powell deals all had a whiff of dodginess, especially the Zaha one


The Zaha one is the one that sticks out there!? :smiley:


Saw last night that our match vs Wolves at the weekend gonna be televised… but obviously only care about how the match programme is gonna look


Wonder if anyone will ever find anything out about teams managed by his ex-players rolling over for him every season.