Tuesday! 🎁 🚨

It’s Tuesday!!

I am at work early, trying to figure out where I can magic my next apartment deposit from. Also drinking a bucket of coffee and eating some yogurt.

How are you pals?

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mornin ssf,
in pretty early myself, got lots to do and am also drinking lots of coffee.
feel a shit tonne better thani did at the same time yesterday.


WFH. Hayfever still going strong, although mainly in my eyes today. Good to mix it up.

Day five of PM training today.

Three hr exam later, I am woefully under prepared.

Hot this morning, awfully sweaty. Hate that first thing.

Going to see Why? later. CBA TBQH.

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Which Project Management methodology/cult is it?

Have they taught you the “x means x” line yet?

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I need to start my day by writing a grovelling letter to the patent office because one of my colleagues is a cunt, so that’s put me in a great mood.

Oh no, not had that piece of mind-fucker yet.

I understand that’s much less annoying than PRINCE2.

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Brexit means Brexit?

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I’ve got to code up a pretty complex HTML email. I would rather eat shit out of my dog’s arse.


Morning all. Feeling a bit more chipper after a shit day yesterday but still got fucking tons to do nonetheless. Urgh.

Back at work after a four day weekend. Hayfever’s a wanker, crap work to do, but only a two day week before another four day break.

I forgot to cancel my old car insurance and it auto-renewed today. If I phone, are they going to be dickheads about it? I already signed up to a new policy because it was less than half the price.

Thanks to everyone who said some very kind words about yesterday’s goings-on. Mum looks and sounds fine, but we’re going for a doctors appt in a little while to ensure she gets referred for scans in all the right places. I’m feeling like I’ve headbutted a car, but no cool-looking injury to show off so not sure it was really worth it. Bike fine!


And there were some genuinely lovely words that made me a bit emotional last night so thank you, you know who you are and you deserve a massive hug xxx


Late for work coz i had to do work before i went to work. Yo dawg etc. Havent eaten breakfast or had any coffee. Getting hangry already.

There are some grapes in the kitchen here. Would you like some grapes?