Tuesday, I choose you!

good morning friends.

are you having a nice time today? it is meant to be 23 big degrees celsius outside, might have my therapy call outside so I can get some Vitamin D while broadcasting my problems to all the surrounding gardens. on second thoughts, maybe not.

I am wearing a pink t-shirt with big puffy mesh sleeves with roses made out of the material all over them and a black skater skirt and skin coloured tights (which are a shade or three too dark for my skin tone).


Funnily enough my copy of Pokémon Sword is being delivered today, since Dr Mrs Epimer has gotten into Shield and it would be good to play together.

Nothing else to report.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’m on holiday. All day, every day


Hello, I’m stock taking again, obviously BUT I’m doing the outside area today and it’s my Friday!


unfortunately for us


waiting on someone sending me something so i can start work. don’t know whether to start something else in the meantime or just piss about.


Day aff. Have to leave to pick up the kid from preschool in like 2 hours, wtf?! imprison my child for longer ffs.
Day 4 of keto diet and I feel awful. I miss you so much my sweet sweet carbs. Had crazy dreams last night about carbs as well like eating a bowl on weetabix in the road at night.


What meals have you been eating on your keto diet?


started work early so i can skive off for a 1pm bike ride

wearing bright as fuck yellow dunagrees because it’s summer innit


Played 40 minutes of football yesterday and all of me is so, so achey now.

Park beers tonight I believe


Alright. T shirt weather, happy days! Been told I can take time off in lieu, still not really in the habit of taking holiday (thanks academia!) so that’s nice

Partner’s work pal is coming over for some garden beers later, that’s nice too






Gonna try and smash through all my work early so I can get some pizza and park cans in this afternoon. 20 degree today and apparently it might snow here next week, bizarre.

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Alright? Not much planned, looks bloody lovely outside.

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Been eating a lot of smoked mackerel with eggs and spinach, tuna Mayo cheese salads with avocado and then something similar to the other meals, maybe some feta, ham slices swapped out for other stuff. Got these expensive keto bars as well for a sweet snack.
I’m not really a big meat eater, so not having red meat (bit of bacon here and there) so would maybe be fuller if I was eating more MEAT.

get a grip man, it’s scorchio


Good morning,

Bare leg weather for the first time this year! :blush::sun_with_face:
The air conditioning in our office is broken :hot_face:


  • Bare legs :leg:
  • Tights/trousers still on

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Gonna surprise mrs safebruv off her bus from work with a picnic this evening.
Go catch the last of the sun by the canal


My mate was taps arf next to the vimpto statue in town yesterday. God knows what he’s got in store for 23c

Want to get these and locate them among the house plants. Dr Mrs Epimer hasn’t played it but sort of knows what they are.

  • Great idea!
  • Terrible idea!

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they’re not really selling it are they