Tuesday, I choose you!

Your outfit sounds amazing @TheBarbieMovie2023, as always.


Ooooh get to put my new summer trainers on as well :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Morning! Just popped some cold brew in the fridge for this afternoon’s post-lunch coffee. Future me is going to thank past me for that stroke of genius.


:pleading_face: this is so lovely, I wish someone loved me!!

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I’ve managed to get out for a climb. Trying to focus on how nice it is rather than how pandemic plus parenthood has made me so much worse at climbing.

This is a really sweet and fun thing to do :blush:

I like the sound of this

I’m still in my pyjamas

School run, then ran home a slightly longer way (still only like a 12 minute run but far more exercise than I can normally fit into my day), felt smug, had a little lie down, fell asleep for 90 minutes, felt brilliant when I woke up (apart from dread of work and if I’d missed any meetings but it was fine). Sun was out, great day.

Then I got an email about my annual travel insurance renewing, and mates, I didn’t know I had annual travel insurance. Rang up, and I’ve ben paying it for…TEN YEARS and in that time, unaware that I had it, have been taking out policies pretty much every year on top of it. lol. It’s great having literally no memory of things.

Wearing my bog standard leopard print dress and purple tights. If it heats up more I’ll get changed into something literally cooler.

I have a lot of work to do today :frowning:

Was having a little chuckle @NeilYoung and his post-curry bum this morning.

My bum has now reminded me I had curry for tea.


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Holiday to Fife - booked.



Having to be at work for 5am was a bit of a shock to the system.

Should be home by 2 though, which means I can have an hour out on the bike in the sun which will be nice.

Drank far too much on a school night to be up for work at 4am. Was feeling slightly hungover so i ate my lunch for breakfast and feel fine again. Should die any day now.

Shorts and tee shirt here, even in the chilly shady room I work in.

Shorts. Nothing else.

Where you going?


Morning all!

Today is almost literally The Long Good Friday because I’m on strike again tomorrow and Thursday. I’m actually quite annoyed about it because it’s going to make my job after Easter significantly more busy, and it was already quite busy because of the whole working from my house situation. I’d love to work in a place where I wasn’t involved in yearly disputes with management.

East Neuk, staying in St. Monans

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This sucks.

I have a nagging suspicion I’ve renewed the contents insurance on the flat I sold at the end of last year.

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